Can’t Afford a Guest House? Think Again

DSCN0060Who wouldn’t want a guest house and the endless possibilities it offers? You could use your guest house to host friends from out of town or house parents or in-laws. You could earn some extra income by renting out your guest house on HomeAway or Airbnb, or you could use it as your very own sanctuary for a relaxing staycation.

Unfortunately, many homeowners convince themselves that the cost of building a guest house on their property is too steep to justify the project, no matter how much they would enjoy the additional living space. However, price doesn’t have to be an obstacle when you use a pole building kit.

What is a Pole Building and How Can It Become a Guest House?

Pole buildings are cost-effective, easy-to-install permanent structures. As the name suggests, poles play a significant role in the design: pressure-treated timber columns are embedded in the ground to support primary structural frames. The walls of the building are supported and connected with purlins, girts, and sheathing. This is a building style that has its roots in agricultural communities (you may have seen pole barns before), but more recently, this affordable and versatile structure has become increasingly popular for primary homes, seasonal cabins, hobby buildings, and guest houses.

While the standard pole building can have a somewhat industrial look, your pole building can be designed with your preferred aesthetic in mind, whether you’re looking for a rustic back garden cottage or a modern, minimalist detached studio. When you order from Hansen Pole, you can get a custom pole building kit with each component designed to meet safety, space, and style needs.

Adding a Pole Building Guest House

Before you decide to add a pole building guest house, you will, of course, need to check your city’s zoning and property laws. Building codes vary from place to place, but in most cities, you will need a building permit to add a new standalone structure to your property.

Once you’ve obtained the proper permitting, the actual construction process is relatively straightforward. Because pole buildings come in prefabricated kits with detailed instructions, it’s not even necessary to hire a construction crew—many ambitious DIYers choose to construct their own pole building guest houses.

With your pole building completed, it’s up to you to decide how you want to use it. Maybe you’ll decide to host more visitors—or to set aside the space for your own work or relaxation. There’s no wrong way to use a pole building guest house.

If you have questions about creating an affordable guest house call us at 1-866-200-9657 for a quote.

5 thoughts on “Can’t Afford a Guest House? Think Again

  1. Can you tell me the dimensions on this ? we are working towards a 30x30x18 is what the township will allow. i want exactly this please email me if you want to reply privately

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Mike,
      We will have a building designer reach out to discuss your options. I will refer them to the May 11th, 2016 Blog post for a visual.
      Thank you,
      Pole Barn Guru.


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