The Lowly Inside Closure

On a Major League Baseball team, the 25th man on the roster is the last guy on the bench. He’s usually a rah-rah guy, who is a fan favorite due to his obscurity. Generally he can play multiple positions, not very well. But when the team needs him, they need him.

Inside Closures for steel roofing take up the 25th roster spot of post frame (pole) buildings.

This occurs for many reasons – most often because the supplier (or builder, if builder provided materials) cheaped out and just didn’t provide them. Sometimes this action is purposeful, other times it is just from being ignorant.

What exactly is an inside closure to start with?

inside closure stripWhen installing corrugated steel roofing panels, inside closure strips prevent birds and other critters from flying inside the high ribs of the panels at the eave line. The strips consist of dense foam with a profile which is hydraulically die-cut to precisely conform to the particular configuration of the panels. They install on the wood framing which runs across the lower edge of the roof.

For buildings with either open (no soffit) overhangs, or no overhangs at all, the inside closures install on top of the eave girts. With enclosed overhangs, they are placed on top of the fascia boards.

A side benefit is, these closure strips block light from reflecting through the high ribs at the eave line, into the building interior.

Optionally, inside closure strips may be utilized on sidewalls with steel siding. There they may be placed at the bottom edge of any panels. This would include placement above any door or window openings, as well as across the pressure preservative treated skirt boards.  On occasion, I’ve had clients install them between the top edge of the steel wall panels as well.

Want to get your new pole building closer to being sealed up? Then make sure it has inside closure strips provided in the areas you are concerned about.

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