We’re always looking for new and different products to solve unique situations. One of those interesting challenges has been roofing which has Florida approvals, as most steel roofing has not been tested, so does not have approval numbers.

Ondura roofingAttractive and affordable, the Ondura® Corrugated Asphalt Roofing System is ideal for a variety of applications, including residential, commercial, agricultural, small projects and DIY projects. Ondura® is lightweight plus easy to cut and install. It even installs over existing roofing. Ondura® is recognized by the EPA as an Environmentally Preferred Product making it the ‘greenest’ roofing material on the market. The Ondura® manufacturer is so confident they back it with a Lifetime Limited Warranty!

Ondura® sheets and tiles bring you many advantages over conventional roofing materials such as longer life, stylish good looks, easy installation, and low maintenance. Ondura®has been successfully used on roofs all over the world for more than 40 years.

At the same time, Ondura’s® very construction makes it unique and stylish. Its corrugated design enables it to be both lightweight and strong. And with its total asphalt impregnation, it outlasts almost all other roofing, including metal.

Ondura® is available in 8 attractive colors. And Ondura® can be painted any color you choose with a quality exterior acrylic latex paint.

Ondura® carries Florida approval number 4081.1 however it is not approved for use in HVHZ areas. To get the maximum wind carrying ability, the roof deck must be either 7/16” OSB (oriented strand board) or 15/32” plywood. Roof slopes must be at least 3/12 and the product must be installed with the manufacturer’s provided fasteners. Fastener quantities and placement will vary with the wind load at the individual site.

Wanting to build a pole building in Florida? There are some instances when Ondura® might be a design solution.

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