Structural Plan Review & Inspection

While contractors and future pole building owners may moan and groan about having to provide detailed plans for new buildings to their permit issuing authorities – it does better assure the new construction will prove to be Code conforming.

plans reviewStructural plan review, along with site inspections done by certified inspectors help to make sure work is done safely and to Code. When a field inspector approves of the work done onsite, a new pole building owner knows the work has been checked against the plans and construction documentation for structural adequacy.

For do-it-yourselfers, the field inspectors can answer questions and give some guidance to those who do not spend every day doing construction. They can prove to be a valuable resource.

In states with contractor registration requirements, local building departments will issue permits only to properly registered builders. Often, field inspectors will require contractors on site to provide proof of registration as well.

There is value in the inspection process. Obviously, the inspections ensure the work is done to meet the building code. This reveals minor problems which could lead to future costly repairs, as well as life-safety concerns such as major structural deficiencies.

When it comes to reselling a piece of property, many realtors and lenders require any construction work to have been done with permits. This ensures the improvements are safe for future occupants. Without permits and inspections, the process becomes more dicey, potential buyers may request or require independent inspections, which can result in additional repair work (not to mention costs and delays) if work is found to be substandard.

How to protect yourself….

If your jurisdiction does not require a structural plan review and doesn’t do field inspections, lobby your appropriate representatives at the town, city, township or county level to adopt these requirements. Rural areas can often share an inspector with neighboring jurisdictions to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

And, where permits are required, don’t try to skate around the system and construct your new pole building without the proper authority to do so….it will prove to be a costly mistake.

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