IndepenDance at the Pole Barn

I ran across the title of this event on the ‘net and being the pole barn curious guy I am, had to find out more.

american-as-apple-pieThis event combines several all-American things – Independence Day, a fireworks show, dancing and of course – the pole barn!

Luckily very few people (as my lovely bride will attest to) have seen me dance, and of those who have, even fewer have survived the experience unscathed to tell the story. Being this what it is… we will stick to the more fun topics – such as pole barns.

In this case the “IndepenDance” is held about an hour outside of Atlanta, Georgia near Cartersville.

Those of you who own appropriately zoned rural properties, might want to pay close attention……

This “event center” is designed to host weddings, receptions and other events in a natural setting, the use of post frame construction fits in nicely with the environment, as well as being cost affordable.

In this particular instance, two pole buildings have been utilized.

One post frame building is a 40 foot by 60 foot open air pavilion. This is basically a roof only pole building, with ten foot high sidewalls, which have been enclosed down two feet from the roof with a steel “side skirt”.  With a concrete slab on grade, it is ideal for summertime gatherings.

The other building is larger – big enough to seat up to 470 people! Fully enclosed, it is climate controlled (able to be heated or air conditioned) and includes full kitchen and food service facilities as well as rest rooms.

In order to appeal to a broad variety of users, the owners have onsite a six acre lake stocked with fish for catch and release. The lake has a white sand beach suitable for swimming, sunbathing and volleyball, as well as horseshoe pits and swings.

Looking to turn your underused rural acreage into a low maintenance cash cow? An event center might be an answer and very probably a pole building or buildings will be a part of the solution!

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