Marketing Basics: DIY Pole Building Kits

The basics of marketing teach us (as suppliers of pole building kit packages) to focus our efforts on those most likely to be a customer. If implemented (which most do) the problem becomes the focus is on direct competitors rather than enlarging the pool of potential clients. Everyone becomes more worried about losing a sale to a competitor, than growing the overall market for the product.

In all honesty, when we do not get a sale – it is far more likely to be because the prospective building owner did one of the following: (a) spent his money on something else, (b) decided upon a different construction solution, or (c) did absolutely nothing at all. Many times a potential client will decide to hire a contractor to provide the materials and construct the building – the new building owner does not believe they have the skills necessary to construct their own building.

Personally, I am in and out of “big box” building material stores all of the time. I see thousands upon thousands of people who are taking on D.I.Y. (do it yourself) projects – many of which involve a fair degree of complexity – electrical, plumbing, etc.

It is my feeling some people become intimidated by the thought of constructing their own pole building because of its size, more than anything else.

erector setThink of a post frame building kit as being the larger version of the popular children’s erector set. Certainly the pieces are larger, but everything goes together one piece at a time, in a step-by-step manner.

Having been providing pole building kits now for 33 years, I’ve seen wide variety of different people take on construction of pole buildings themselves. A 66 year-old retiree, who spent all one summer constructing a 14,000 square foot riding arena and stall barn for his wife.  He did everything by himself other than hiring a crane to lift the trusses and having help with getting the steel panels up on the roof. A couple approaching their 80’s, who built their own shop. A father and his 14 year-old daughter, who put up a building as a bonding experience.

Frankly, the average building owner is going to have a far better result, in nearly every case, as opposed to hiring the work done.


Because when you do the work yourself, you care.

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