Just in Time Deliveries

Just in time delivery made Toyota Motors famous two decades ago. The basic premise is to have materials delivered as close to the time needed for assembly. These practices allowed Toyota to more efficiently manage inventories and the costs associated with them. By streamlining processes, they were able to get more work done more efficiently, with fewer people.

So, how does “Just in Time” apply to your new Hansen Pole Building?

We’ve applied some of the principles of Toyota along with the interactive technologies from companies such as Quicken Loans, to increase the speed and efficiency of the delivery process to you, the end user.

Once you have agreed to invest in your new Hansen Building, you receive a log-in to your on-line account. Here you will find electronic “documents” for your review and approval – such as the Invoice for your building, door locations, colors and delivery information for your jobsite.

As soon as you have completed documents, the design specifications (basically the recipe) for your building are produced and electronically sent to our drafting team. At the same time, the preliminary information for all of the materials needed for shipment is produced, as well as the engineering data for roof truss production.

When your plans have been drafted, you receive notification to log-in through the on-line portal to review your plans. This gives you one last opportunity to make changes in features and door locations, prior to final production and shipments.

Available when you log-in, is a Construction Guide, with chapters specifically highlighted to match the features of the building you have ordered. With this and your on-line plans, you can begin digging holes immediately.

Once you have approved your custom designed plans, they are plotted, printed and sent to you either from our office, or an engineer’s office (if you have purchased an engineer certified building). In the meantime, the component portions of your building order have been routed to the appropriate providers.

Our goal, utilizing the Just in Time process, is to deliver materials to you the week prior to your actually beginning construction. This helps to reduce or eliminate issues of storage, theft, and incidental damage and jobsite deterioration.

In the event a delay occurs on your part, for any reason – whether it is acquiring permits, site preparation, contractor arrival – it is in your best interest to log-in and adjust your desired delivery date accordingly.

As materials arrive, and you inventory as they arrive, it is essential to immediately report any suspected damage, missing or errantly shipped items via the on-line log-in. This allows our team to respond rapidly and help reduce or prevent construction delays.

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