Your New Building: Can You Build It Yourself?

Can you really build your own pole building?

In short – of course you can!

For those who will look at the plans and read the directions, you will build a far better building than hiring it done. Why?  ‘Cause you will follow the instructions and take the time and care with your building! As I tell most clients who are doubtful they have what it takes –“Hey – it’s not rocket science!” You just have to be willing to read and follow all the directions.

Those people who say to me, “I can build anything” are the ones who really scare me.  I get far more phone calls from these types saying they are “short” or “long” on pieces…and neither one is the right answer. Just about every single time it’s because they did not read the directions!

 Take this simple test to see if you can build it yourself:

  1. Have you read this far and understand what I’m talking about?

Good!  One down and one to go!

2. Do you know what a hammer is because you’ve seen it in the garage or found

one in the kitchen drawer?

Yes? You SCORE!    You are my type of builder – you can build a nice building.

OK – maybe it’s not quite that simple.  But the attitude of “this is a kit and I will have to do cutting, pounding nails and reading the plans and directions” – goes a long way in my book.

Important factors to consider prior to taking on a build it yourself project are physical ability and …time. We’ve had individuals in their 80’s build their own buildings, but they were in good physical condition.  Nothing like Ma out there on top of the building putting on the roof steel – cuz’ Pa is afraid of heights!

Ok  – I’m tattling on myself here – because when my wife and I recently helped one of our grown sons to build a garage…well….yep – I confess – it was my darling bride up there on the roof in the hot Tennessee sun putting on the roof steel and ridge cap. Made me want to marry her all over again!

Time is….yes…money.  You need to weigh in the average number of hours involved in constructing your own building as compared to paying to have it built. The “break even” cost is about $20 an hour.  If you can make $40 an hour doing what you do for a living, you may want to consider paying to have your building constructed for you.  This assumes you are relatively “construction challenged”  – i.e. – “unskilled labor”.

And then there are those who really relish the whole “weekend warrior” thing and take pride in constructing their own building.  I’ve known guys who round up their buddies for a several weekends and take turns working on each other’s new garages.  The equipment, tools, labor…and the beers they tossed down at the end of the day were shared with camaraderie and pride in their joint accomplishment. One family got their entire host of relatives gathered while “Dad” was on vacation – and built him a new workshop/garage…as a surprise. The look they captured on his face when he returned home and had a new garage for his RV was amazing!

Whether you decide to construct your own building to save money, or just enjoy the challenge and adventure of a build it yourself project, make sure you get easy to read and understand plans and directions. These should be plans most engineers would endorse.  This is not a place to “make it up as you go along”.  And definitely is not where you take direction from an old friend because “he built a garage once and it looked ok”.  Do diligent research, get your tools (and friends or relatives) lined up, and then…have fun!

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      We have provided hundreds of fully engineered post frame buildings to our clients in Pennsylvania – so yes we do and yes it is. One of our Building Designers will be reaching out to you shortly, or call 1.866.200.9657 for immediate service.


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