Car Hail Damage: Hitting on Hail for the Last Time

Spending two weeks in TN in August gave me plenty of time on my daily morning run to see all kinds of damage from hail (in April) described by my son and daughter-in-law who live there, as “the biggest we’ve ever seen”.  I couldn’t help noticing the beat up siding, holes the size of baseballs in vinyl siding and car dents large enough to fry an egg in.  Ok, I am exaggerating on the egg part a bit, but the car surfaces did kind of remind me the peel of an orange…full of dimples.  It was not pretty.

Car Hail Damage

KNOXVILLE (By Mona Nair WATE-6 News Reporter) – Drivers around East Tennessee are still waiting for repairs to their cars three months after the late April storms.

The April 27 severe weather brought down some golf-ball sized hail, denting many cars or breaking their windows and windshields or both.

In all, 100,000 cars in Knoxville were damaged during late April. Getting vehicles repaired means getting in a long line, every step of the way.

“With as many people getting hail damage estimates and still coming in to get repairs, it could easily require two to three years possibly,” said Jeff Neubert of Joe Neubert Collision Center in West Knoxville.

He also says the average repair time for each vehicle runs from four to six weeks.

What is the cost to you, the vehicle owner? The insurance deductible, higher insurance rates, lower resale or trade in value, not to mention having to do without your vehicle for four to six weeks. The hard dollars, over the life of a newer model vehicle can easily run into the thousands.

An easy preventative solution exists, which could have prevented the car hail damage to many of these vehicles. Parking cars in garages! Like many areas, very few homes in the Knoxville area have garages.

For the financial pain of one vehicle damaged, a significant dent (pun intended) could be made towards the investment into your new garage.

Consider the advantages of a garage – besides protecting your vehicle from the elements (resulting in higher resale or trade in values), a garage adds value to your property, and affords security for possessions other than just your vehicle.

And, a new garage is affordable – Hansen Buildings has 100% financing available, for qualified home owners. With new home construction slow, materials prices are a bargain. This could be the ideal time for you to make the investment and avoid having to say, “Oh, hail” again!

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