Say What? Find A Professional Contractor

One of the things I make myself available for is weekly individual coaching sessions with our Building Designers. In these sessions, the Building Designers can ask for advice on pole building design or features, discuss particular ongoing projects or share ideas on how to best serve our pole barn clients.

Every once in a while, up pops a subject out of the blue, which totally throws me for a loop.

Find A Professional Contractor

This morning, Bob starts off with the question, “What do you say to a client, whose builder tells him, if he (the builder) breaks, damages or misuses pieces of the building kit, that the client will have to pay to replace it”? The poor client was afraid he was going to have to purchase an insurance policy to cover this.

Before I could postulate an answer, I had to pick my jaw up off the floor, and ask Bob to repeat the question!

Luckily, my Daddy raised my brother and me better than this. We were raised, as I am sure most of you readers were – to take responsibility for our own mistakes. In my years as a professional contractor, if I muffed something, there is no way I would have even considered having anyone else – either my client, or the providing vendor, cover the cost of my error.

This particular builder is akin to the girl who buys a dress for prom, then returns it the day after prom, expecting a full refund!

For the sake of this client, I can only hope he sends this want-to-be contractor packing and hires a true professional who takes pride is his workmanship, as well as his ethics.

Looking for a professional building contractor? Let Hansen Buildings help you with your search by calling and asking for a local builder or by using our online search for pole barn builders.

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