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A fantastic pole barn begins here…with top of the line pole barn plans. Every Hansen Pole Building kit is individually drafted to your specifications. Using site specific Building Code requirements, building blueprints are created to ensure your safety and security for a building meant to last a lifetime…and long into the future.

Pole Barn Plans

If you have a garage, shop, horse barn, arena, home or commercial building in mind, custom designed and drafted plans are the easy answer. Each set of plans is drafted in approximately one week and then emailed for your approval prior to mailing printed plans. Careful attention to dimensions, door and window locations is Hansen Buildings’ number one priority in producing pole barn plans which lend to professional results for your new building. Whether you build it yourself or hire a pole building contractor, having easy to read and understand barn plans is key to your masterpiece dream building.

Sample Barn Plans

Simply click on the links below to view typical pages of Hansen pole barn plans. An added bonus, audio is included to give you a personal “guided tour” for each different view.

What makes Hansen Building Pole Barn Plans Unique

*Sample building plans are selected from various previous clients, not all barn plans shown are from the same building kit. No construction using the sample pole barn plans is advised. Custom application to actual building site and local building code requirements is required to ensure structural integrity.

Important: Please click the play button Play Hansen Audio Files for each audio first and then click on the corresponding link to view a sample pdf of each plans section.

  1. Pole Layout
  2. Roof Framing Section

  3. Interior Section
  4. Endwall Framing
  5. Sidewall Framing
  6. Steel Cutting
  7. Elevations
  8. Loft Framing
  9. Sample Detail

Following purchase, barn plans typically take 4 to 5 days to draft and email for your approval, with variations during high volume seasons or large/complex buildings. Professional Engineer seals and additional copies of plans are available for nominal cost.

Looking for predesigned pole barn plans? Barnplans.com has a variety of designs and layouts that you may be interested in. Show one of our experienced building designers a layout or image and we can custom design your own barn.

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