Hansen Building Testimonials

Are YOU a Potential Hansen Buildings’ Client?

Please note, I use “client” rather than “customer”. 

A customer is someone who buys a commodity from a shop.  A client is a person or company receiving a service from a professional person or organization in return for payment.

Unfortunately, too many future barndominium, house and post frame building owners are either unable or unwilling to spot differences between a well-designed building and one barely (or even perhaps not) meeting construction standards.

And when things go awry (as can happen in construction), all too often fingers get pointed everywhere except at the person who did not do their homework prior to purchase.

“The Ultimate Post Frame Building Experience™”

Long time readers will recall my saga of purchasing a Jaguar XJ6 in 1988 

I wanted ‘it all’ and was willing to pay a goodly price in order to get it all.

When we at Hansen Pole Buildings talk about delivering “The Ultimate Post Frame Building Experience™” we are absolutely serious about it.

It is why we want to talk personally with every client, not just send a plethora of emails and text messages back-and-forth. 

Why? Because none of us know…what we don’t know.

When I am shopping for a big ticket item – I want to speak to experts, and I expect expert advice. Just like the dashboard switch on my Jaguar, I don’t want to find out later on there is something I could have (or worse should have) done to have had an ideal end result.

We expect to deliver good old-fashioned personalized service and we hope you have an expectation of anyone you hire doing an exceptional job.

I am always heart broken when a client goes elsewhere and orders a new building.


Because I know in my heart-of-hearts they will end up getting less of a building than they expected or deserved, and paying too much for what they settled for.  Sadly, companies with common names in our industry rely on their name to sell buildings, and not on the quality of their product. I’ll give them credit for doing a great marketing job. But are your needs quickly and responsibly serviced? Do you get your quote back without so much as a conversation about what you think you need? And does their sales staff really try to fit a building to your wants and needs and not shove your needs into one of their standard buildings? Think about it!

Regardless of whom you ultimately pick as your new building supplier – begin in a proper frame of mind. Throw out any preconceived notions about what your new building dimensions ‘should’ be, and instead, focus on what is needed to create your ideal dream building – one which will function as ably 10 or 40 years from now, as it does on completion day. And make darn sure your building supplier is designing your building to fit you, not you to their building.

Share with your Building Designer what problems your new building will solve for you. Discuss what this building absolutely must house and be used for, as well as what it might also do for you. And not just for today – imagine you can get out a crystal ball and look into the future.

Engage “The Ultimate Post Frame Building Experience™”.

You’ll be glad you did.

Paul L. – Burbank, CA

Thank you very much for your professional assistance and cooperation as we worked through the details. As an engineer and owner builder myself, I have been greatly impressed by the Hansen Pole Builders offerings.

Joe H. – Clearwater, MN

You guys were amazing to work with, I have great quality materials and I love my shed. I look forward to working with you guys again

Brad H. – Parker, CO

I have received all of my materials as of yesterday. I think you use very good contractors. Everyone was professional, on time, friendly, and helpful. I don’t think I could ask for more. I guess the rest is up to me. It is so rare to have a positive experience with too many companies nowadays. This kind of project is brand new to me and your company has made this portion of it painless.

Whitney S. – Drakesboro, KY

Thank you for doing all the push-ups on this building. I am very pleased with your work and have to say, I am very satisfied. You have been very helpful in this process and for that I would like to say thank you.

Once again, thank you so much for all you’ve done. Great customer service is hard to come by these days, but you have knocked it out of the park.

Brian K. – Ringoes, NJ

I just want to say thank you for all your help. You do your job well.

Jeff C. – Lincoln, CA

Done, perfect score.  Fantastic company and people.

Thanks again

Sharon S. – Dunnellon, FL

The reason I bought a pole building from you was 1, price  2, you were knowledgeable, 3, you put up with my fears, building changes, and my irritation over computers.

I was so impressed with your price and knowledge, I plan on building a house with your pole barn kit.  Yes I recommend you.

Tony W. – Bemidji, MN

I’m very satisfied with my Hansen Pole Building and would highly recommend the product/kit to anyone considering this type of structure.  On site coordination for the deliveries and inspection of materials took some work, since I was 5 hours away, but I was glad to do it to see exactly what I was getting and reject certain lumber that did not meet spec.

Thanks again for helping to coordinate the efforts, especially when the longer tracks for the garage door were needed in a hurry.

Bud S. – Headland, AL

I do appreciate your diligence and you have gotten yourself on the top of the list due to your professionalism and follow through. Thanks in advance and I will definitely give you a yell when I get all my info in order.

Mike W. – Colorado Springs, CO

Thank you very much for the clarification, I will move forward this weekend with the truss preparation.

You guys really have your stuff together.  Response time is awesome.

Christy B. – Marshall, NC

Thank you!  I couldn’t be happier with the barn.  I think it is beautiful too 😉 and the quality of the materials was beyond my expectations.  It’s so solid and has a great feel when you walk through it.  Hansen was also great to work with and customer service oriented.

David F. – Ridgefield, WA

I am a small business owner and let me tell you that you guys are night and day ahead of your competition from what I have seen so far. I had a hard time getting these other Post Frame type Companies to even respond.

Steve and Linda B. – Raymond, WA

We would just like to say thank you for everything for a wonderful job done right.

Randy T. – Greenwhich, NJ

These are great buildings.


Thank you again for your help. I will send you pictures as soon as I begin and thru the process. Your company is hands above everyone else I have looked into and I will recommend your company to everyone that asks.

Ben C.

Let me just say briefly that your website is a godsend. It’s clear you are experienced and know what you are talking about! Thanks again for the great site and prompt communication, and can’t wait to order my pole frame house.

Brian T. – Salem, OR

It’s truly been a great experience working with Wayde and everyone at Hansen. I appreciate all the help that I know others wouldn’t be so willing to provide without a big hassle.

Norman M. – Livingston, TN

My contractor has commented multiple times how sturdy the building design is. Compared to other local pole barns this building is of a quality commercial grade. The whole Hansen staff does an excellent job.

Bob F. – Clarksboro, NJ

My wife and I completely built our 24 X 32 ft pole barn over a few weekends and am completely satisfied with the results.

Pat K. – Kiowa, CO

Because of your excellent customer service, I will definitely recommend Hansen to others, anytime there was a problem, you went above and beyond to have the issue rectified.

It was a pleasure working with you

Larry C. – Labarge, WY

I want to thank you for your quote , your site was one of the most trouble free and easy to use. We recently had some medical issues which are going to set this project back at least 6 months. I will be keeping your site at the top end of my list and when we are back up and running I will contact you.

Michael E. – Amity, OR

I have had the pleasure of working with Wayde for the last 2 months trying to figure out what building I would end up getting. Size, doors, colors, etc; so many decisions to make. I got a few quotes from other companies (got a few from Wayde too as he will attest to) and even though Hansen Pole Buildings wasn’t the least expensive we chose Wayde as he has always followed up, always been available, eager to help and has given us confidence that he will be available for the pre-sale AND the post-sale. For us, the extra service was worth the extra money, and in a world that seems to offer very little customer service and quality I was pleasantly surprised while working with Wayde and Hansens Pole Buildings.

Richard W. – Ojai, CA

I made my living as a designer and taught design for many years at the college level. I love the way your website is organized, the kinds of options you list and the ease of answering the questions you list for a more detailed sense of what we need and can expect to pay.

David E. – Martinsville, IN

As I told mike when I spoke with him, this is my second building with you. The customer service is what keeps me coming back. I also brag allot about the design as well. Cannot say enough to express my thanks with your help.

Vivian C. – Saegertown, PA

Thank you again to all at Hansen Buildings. I have told everyone I know how great your company is and how much you all have helped me and my family. Thank you just doesn’t seem like enough.

John H. – Placerville, CA

Very impressed with Hansen Buildings design. I have never seen such a well built building. Keep up the good work. The manual was very descriptive and after studying it over and over, I was able to figure most things out. When I couldn’t, I took it to my friend contractor who would study them and explain it to me. Would I build a Hansen Barn again? The answer is yes, definitely! I think it is a superior to what I could have had built by one of the local barn companies at a reasonable cost. Looking at other barns around the county, I think my barn is one of the best built barns around.

Jim Y. – Tonasket, WA

You folks rate in the highest for customer service, customer courtesy, and just over all pleasant people to deal with!! Not very often I find as many pleasant people that I deal with all in 1 building!! There are alot it cranky people out there and that makes me appreciate company’s with great employees!!!

The ‘Ole Man’ Roger P. – Harrisville, NH

It is almost done, just need to pour concrete floor and grade. THANK YOU. You are a great company to work with. We are very happy with the design, quality of material and business dealings.I will recommend Hansen every chance I get.

Saginaw, MI – Building Official

Very impressed with Hansen Buildings design. I have never seen such a well built building. Keep up the good work.

Vivian C. – Saegertown, PA

Thank you is all we can say. I do have to say that having to finish this ourselves has given both my husband and I a certain confidence that we would not have had.

Internet Reviewer

I just built mine last year – HansenPoleBuildings.com was great to work with. I went steel sided/roof and it’s been terrific. Came in about $12k for a 32’x32′ 2 story gambrel.

Tonya F. – Parma, ID

I got a bigger shop for less money.

Alex P. – Santa Clara, CA

Thanks for all the last minute help and angst management!!!…everyone really went all out for all of us down here…great customer service!!!

Richard V. – Lyons, OR

I bought a Hansen Pole Building, because you have knowledgeable sales staff to work with county building requirements. The county required an engineered building. Your building met those requirements for an engineered building. Design was great.

Harold H. – Greenville, MI


Kyle C. – Boise, ID

Very nice and courteous on the phone! My garage is going to give me a place to work on my cars and hopefully start a business someday.

Randy B. – Hoodsport, WA

We have everything, and it was delivered in an efficient, expedient manner. I only wish the County could be so prompt in issuing a building permit.

Dylan N. – Kennewick, WA

We bought a Hansen Pole Building because we needed a barn for hay storage and stalls for my horses. The price was a big deciding factor in our purchase. The problems the building solved for us was keeping hay in good quality and dry. It also provided stalls for my horses so I no longer pay to have them boarded somewhere else. We would recommend Hansen to other people – in fact, we already have. Please feel free to call anytime.

Daryl A. – Louisville, KY

I just wanted to say thanks, you guys have been great to work with. My pole barn kit project has ran smooth other than the weather and that is out of our control. The Book you guys send out with each kit has helped a lot. Well thanks again and please tell everyone at Hansen you guys do a great job.

Dennie B. – Prineville, OR

I would recommend others to do business with Hansen Pole Buildings because they are good people.

John K. – Plymouth Meeting, PA

You have the best building I have ever seen. The plans were easy to read and were absolutely fantastic. The construction manual was right on key and there was NOTHING left out of that manual. If I had to teach a class on putting up pole buildings, I would use your manual and teach it from there. The materials came on time and without a hitch. The customer service was ABSOLUTELY fantastic. This was the easiest building I have ever constructed and I would be happy to deal with your company anytime!!

David W. – Sandy, OR

I bought from Hansen Pole Buildings because of price, quality, knowledgeable sales staff, individually designed building and good customer service.

Lonnie R. – Plain City, UT

My experience thus far in the process of purchasing a pole barn with Hansen’s has been a very positive. I will recommend Hansen to anyone who asks where my pole barn came from. I am looking forward to working with your company on the rest of the process until I am completed with the building.

Darlene T. – Atmore, AL

I am completely satisfied with the quality of the building and how durable it is. Sometimes it will be subjected to hurricane weather and me and every my neighbors think this will withstand a full blown hurricane.

Bill S. – Wenatchee, WA

We were interested in converting a pole barn into a dwelling for use as a cabin. Hansen offered the most reasonable price for the building and design that we had envisioned. The monitor-style pole barn converted into a dwelling provides 1000+ sq. ft. of living space and nearly 900 sq. ft of built-in garage making it more than adequate for a cabin or residence.

Cory E. – Wiggins, CO

I’d recommend others to do business with Hansen Pole Buildings because of great price and quality. I put this building up myself with a little help – 30 x 40 x 14.