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Coil Doors

Curl-Lok™ Sheet Steel Doors

Back in 1991 my brother and I built a 100 unit self-storage facility just north of Athol, Idaho on Highway 95. Through a series of unfortunate events, I ended up as the “don’t want to be the owner” of the property until I sold it to the current owners (www.FarragutStorage.net).

Self Storage DoorsI say I didn’t want to be the owner, because self-storage facilities take a fair amount of management as well as upkeep. The greatest source of upkeep? The only moving part – the self-storage “coil” or “curtain” doors.

The most profitable self-storage facilities are ones which have planned well to keep costs to a minimum. Roll up coil doors make for an affordable initial investment, both due to lower cost than an overhead steel sectional door, as well as ease of installation. I’ve read on websites about coil doors being able to be installed in as little as three minutes, however it is my humble opinion even the most experienced installer would be hard pressed to do an install in under 15 minutes.

Storage unit renters are not always the most careful folks in the world, and a few of them are seemingly vehicular challenged when in the vicinity of doors. When I ordered the doors for my buildings originally, I purchased five extras, with the knowledge I would have tenants running into or through the doors. They didn’t disappoint!

The disappointment – until recently damaged coil doors could not be simply repaired. The solution to a damaged door was to take it down and throw it away.

Well DBCI has now made the self-storage door world easier with their Curl-Lok™ sheet steel door. These doors have been designed to be able to be repaired!

View the Curl-Lok™ story here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0gUSzTNICq8

I wish I’d had these “back then”, but happy they are here now.