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Square Up a Building Fast

In our Facebook discussion group for pole and post frame builders only, a builder recently asked about fastest easiest way to square up a new building. For a beginner, this task may prove both daunting and time consuming. There is a way to be accurate and fast and although for most making a $1500 investment is not practical, you might be able to rent Stabila’s 180 layout system from your nearby equipment rental location.

Stabila LA 180L

Stabila’s LA 180L layout station (https://www.stabila.com/en-US/products-553/details/la-180l-layout-station-with-auto-alignment.html) can be used to lay out to 300 feet and is said to cut layout labor costs by 50%.
This product is designed for fully automatic, long range layout. Auto alignment allows you to layout square with only one person in just seconds. Layout over ranges above 50ft is a time-consuming and high risk job. When layout errors occur high follow-up costs will result. Stabila’s LA 180 L self-leveling multi-line laser allows you to layout greater than 20ft up to 300ft fast and accurately. A REC 410 Line RF receiver controls LA 180 L using STABILA wireless AUTO ALIGNMENT technology. One press of a button and laser adjusts automatically to position receiver.
Features include:
Self-levelling multi-line laser for precision layout.
AUTO ALIGNMENT function: Receiver automatically controls laser positioning laser at distances of up to 150ft – fully automatic axis transfer and creation of right angles on floors, walls and ceilings, all at the same time. Precise alignment without losing reference point.
Pulsed laser lines for precise measurements with receiver (up to 300ft) indoors and outdoors.
Versatile: 3 vertical lines, 1 horizontal line and plumb-line function.
Extra sharp, easy-to-see lines for fast and efficient work directly on laser line – visible range up to 100ft indoors.
Unique housing shape for positioning in room corners and over edges (e.g. concrete slab) – rapid checking of right angles.
5/8-11 tripod mount.
Includes: Laser, receiver with bracket, laser enhancement glasses, magnetic red target cards/plates, batteries, hard shell case.
Optional: Rechargeable battery pack, brackets for using laser with batter boards and forms.

Besides laying out your new post frame building it has other applications. This is a fast and precise layout tool. It is designed for applications >20ft up to 300ft. Commercial construction, HVAC, masonry, concrete and top end landscape jobs. Drywall construction – suspending ceilings, positioning interior and partition walls within a range of 300ft. Framing – layout wall positions at push of a button. Quickly establish square, even when a slab or foundation you’re working on is out of square. Concrete – Layout forms perfectly straight and square. Optional laser and receiver mounts available for most re-usable forming systems.