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Cool New Steel Cutting Tool

Cool New Tool?

In the world of tools, there is rarely a better mousetrap. However this steel cutting tool may or may not be an actual Cool New Tool:
(Author’s disclaimer: I have never used this product and this is not an endorsement. I do not receive a kick back in the event you happen to invest in one or more)

*Cool New Tools steel cutter

Accurately cutting steel roofing and siding (more often siding, as few buildings have door and window openings in their roofs) can be a daunting proposition. I’ve written about it in the past: https://www.hansenpolebuildings.com/2012/07/cutting-steel/

This product is obviously being shipped to the purchaser from overseas (due to long ship times and all measurements being given in millimeters):
“Items shipped from our global warehouse may take up to 2 – 4 weeks for delivery due to customs check. If your tracking doesn’t show the most up to date status, please do not panic, it’s on its way!
On very rare occasions, shipping might take up to 6 weeks due to customs check.
We have a large assortment of products stocked in different warehouses when you order multiple items at a time, they may be shipped separately so they get to you faster. You may receive one item before the next.”

Here are the alleged features:
“Attaches to any standard drill transforming it into a safe, easy to use, sheet metal cutting tool.
It fits onto a standard drill (keyed or keyless chuck).
It cuts sheet metal and many other thin materials.
Ergonomic design handle for comfort.
Straight cutting and curve cutting capable.
Double cutting head and 360 degree adjustable.
Compact size, easy to operate and labor-saving.
Excellent cutting effect without any burrs and edges.
It should used with an 8mm electric drill or an air drill.
Suitable for car repair and maintenance and metal sheet productions.”

This product can be yours for $39.95, but wait…..there’s more!!
If you try to leave the page without ordering they offer a 10% discount!

In the event one or more of my loyal readers happens to try this steel cutting tool out, I’d appreciate feedback.