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Weber and Pole Buildings

I consider myself to be a pretty good cook. Certainly I am no Emeril Lagasse from “Emeril Green”, but I can hold my own. Through experience, I’ve become fairly proficient at being able to throw a meal together, using whatever ingredients are at hand. My bride continues to be dumbfounded by my seeming inability to follow a recipe, yet have it turn out….and turn out pretty good.

Now I realize Emeril doesn’t live and die by the grill, but I come close. What alarms me is when we travel and I find the grill where I am to cook was made by a vacuum cleaner company! As anyone who cooks frequently will tell you, the degree of difficulty goes up in order of magnitude when not using one’s own equipment, especially shoddy equipment. I certainly miss my grill when cooking up dinners away from home.

At home, I’ve got a Weber and there are a couple of big reasons why. Weber has been making grills for decades and makes a quality product. Growing up, our Mother was maybe not the greatest cook, and the inferior grill she would barbeque on left my brother and I questioning if what had been burned was ever even alive. When it came time for me to buy a grill, I didn’t hesitate to buy a Weber, and I’m glad I did. I’ve been using my Weber now for nearly two decades and it has never let me down.

Back out to being on the road and trying to cook on a grill made by a company which backed into grill making. This company does not specialize in grills and actually doesn’t specialize in anything at all – rather it seems like they’ve made a point of manufacturing everything. Overall, it turns what is normally a very enjoyable process for me into an epic battle of man against grill.

After getting back home to my beloved Weber, I started thinking about how their continued focus on making the best grill possible is how they’ve achieved success. It also got me thinking about Hansen Pole Buildings and what our company’s specialty is, where our roots are, and where we’re heading. Since our beginnings in 2002, we’ve focused on providing the best pole buildings possible for the investment. We’ve honed in on this service as our specialty, and we are very proud of the services we offer today which are all connected to pole buildings.

Weber GrilleJust like making a quality Weber grill, being good at pole buildings requires it to be in your DNA. You can’t just add “Pole Barns” to your company name or say, “We can do this too!” and all of a sudden become good at pole buildings. We’ve seen it time and time again; businesses which sell paint and lumber, or contractors who build houses and decks – decide they are going to add to their product line by selling pole barns. They often try to keep the client focused on bright, shiny things, while glossing over their really not understanding the minutia involved in producing the best possible pole building.

These lumber dealers and builders often provide the illusion of being pole barn experts, with lots of pretty pictures and claims of excellence. Through the course of working with our clients on their new pole building journey, we go deeper than our fair-weather competitors because search is in our DNA. We’re well versed in this ever-changing industry, and we strive to achieve the best results based upon our clients’ goals. We have the decades of experience and knowledge to back it up too.

We get asked on a frequent basis – “can you do little sheds, 6’ gazebos, and all steel framed buildings….and more.” Our answer is “no, we can’t do everything…and do it well.” .

The bottom line is making grills has been Weber’s specialty since the beginning. If Weber decided to start selling meat to cook on my grill, I’d probably be more than a little suspicious as to the quality and source of the steak, just as you should be of lumber yards and contractors taking on pole buildings as an afterthought.