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Why a Trained Building Designer is Your Best Teammate

A Perfect Throw is Useless without a Successful Catch

How important is having a Team mentality?

Maybe you are on a winning team now – whether it be sports, business or a personal relationship. When you are on a Winning Team, you can pretty well attribute the success to Effective Teamwork.

Individual achievement is critical to all success, but no one great individual ever carries a Team alone, or very far.  In Business, as in Sports and Family Life, we rely on those around us to take the hand-off, catch the ball, pick us up after school, and follow-through on initiatives.

Now, you are perhaps wondering, what does having a team mentality have to do with your new pole building?

Answer – everything.

Regardless of whom you chose to provide your new pole barn, you are part of a team with them. This relationship, which includes you, can be a good team, or a bad team.

building designer

Hansen Building Designers Want To Meet Your Needs

Your Hansen Buildings’ Designer is your closest team mate. He or she is never going to “sell” you anything (hint – if you deal with a builder or supplier who wants to sell you something, or wants you to buy something, they are not on your team). Your Building Designer wants to make certain one thing happens – you get the best pole building kit value for your investment.

How far does this desire go? As far as if there is a better solution to help you solve your problem or reach your goal, your Building Designer will be the first one to tell you.

Your Building Designer probably doesn’t have all of the answers to every question instantly. But, they do have access to the rest of the team – industry experts, who have been involved in tens of thousands of pole barn projects and who DO have the knowledge, or know where to go to get it.

Rely upon your team, and together we can form the winning combination!