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Curl-Lok Self Storage Doors

I had built 100 units for a customer who had his financing collapse – and I ended up becoming the unwilling owner. In the early 1990’s I became the owner of a self-storage facility, which was the last thing I wanted to do at the time.

Self Storage DoorsOne thing which made ownership even less enjoyable was when a tenant dented one of the 100 self-storage “curtain” doors. Basically it was a case of throw it out and replace it, after waiting weeks (if not months) for the replacement door to arrive.

A better answer may now be available.

DBCI is a leading designer and manufacturer of rolling sheet doors. With a focus on customer service and a dedication to quality, DBCI has established a strong reputation in the self-storage community for 24 years.

The culture of DBCI is one driven by innovation, DBCI was one of the first door manufacturers to use a silicon-polyester (SMP) paint finish with 25-year warranties. DBCI also introduced a stainless steel latch and a patented tensioning device into self-storage.

The recent introduction of Curl-Lok is poised to revolutionize rolling sheet doors with panels which can be immediately repaired at a fraction of the cost.

Curl-Lok is the exciting new innovation from DBCI which will change the way people look as rolling sheet doors. In the past, damaged doors could only be replaced in their entirety. But Curl-Lok panels allow for easy replacement for a more cost-effective door.

Curl-Lok’s patented locking system takes the machined seam out of the sheet door. With its interlocking design, Curl-Lok panels are rolled into place without additional machinery or specialty tooling, the result is a great looking door which is just as durable and reliable as ever.

The advantages of Curl-Lok are unprecedented. Of course, replacing a single panel is less expensive than replacing an entire door. It is also faster and easier. Replacement panels can be stored on-site so doors can be back in operation in a matter of minutes!

Of course you don’t have to build or own a storage facility to use these doors.  We have many clients who opt for rolling steel doors for their garage or backyard storage building.  I’d be a much more willing user of them with the availability of Curl-Lok doors