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Knox Box

Before I constructed my first commercial pole building, for myself, I would have had no idea what a Knox Box  was. Prior to then, if I would have had to venture a guess, I would have assumed it was the container for Knox® Brand gelatin.

Knox BoxA Knox-Box®, known officially as the Knox-Box® Rapid Entry System, is a small wall or post mounted safe which holds building or gate keys for fire departments or other emergency service responders to retrieve in emergency situations. Local fire departments often hold master keys to all boxes within their response area, allowing quick access to premises and structures without having to force entry or locate individual keys held at a fire station. Sometimes a Knox Box is linked via radio to an emergency dispatch station, where a dispatcher can release the keys with dual-tone multi-frequency (DTMF) tones.

A knox Box simplifies key control for local fire departments. They also cut fire losses for building owners since firefighters can enter buildings without breaking doors or windows. The disadvantage of the system is it provides a single point of failure for security. If the key to a district’s Knox Boxes is stolen or copied, a thief can enter any premises which have a Knox Box. In some cases, property owners wire their Knox Box into burglar alarm systems so opening the box trips the alarm, negating their use in facilitating clandestine entry.

Knox-Box® is the number one high-security answer for emergency access to premises. It is used for most commercial applications which include businesses, schools, government and public buildings, as well as gated properties and community associations. Behind the box’s lift off door can be placed keys, access cards or other small items necessary for emergency access.

Both the box and the box’s lock are Underwriters Laboratories (UL®) listed to ensure high security. The boxes themselves have a Knox-Coat® proprietary finishing process which protects Knox products up to four times better than powder coating. The weather resistant door gasket resists moist conditions.

Planning a commercial post frame building? Chances are a Knox-Box® will be part of the total building project.  This is one product I wholeheartedly endorse.