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A New Pole Building: The World it be a Changing

You’ve shopped for a new pole building from several vendors, negotiated features and pricing and have finally ordered. Everything is clicking right along until…..you decide to change something.

In the case of Hansen Buildings, we strive for quick deliveries, so we begin processing your order as soon as our client’s press the submit button on their invoice approval.

Now how can we do this? We have developed proprietary software which does all of the structural design, calculates the needed materials and even issues purchase orders and shipping information. It is pretty much all automated ….. so when you decide to make a change after the fact, all of the wheels of progress need to come to a screeching halt.

If you want to make a change within the first 24 hours after placing your order, we can usually make it happen and we charge only a modest processing fee plus the cost of whatever the change is. Should a change be requested, and then not ordered, we do expect to be paid for the staff time it took to research. Usually the time is minimal; however there are instances where several hours of time are invested on the client’s behalf. This time includes our having to contact every one of our manufacturers and suppliers who would possibly be involved with the requested change on your new pole building.

Keep in mind, this is a request to make modifications or changes in the building specifications or the scope of work. If the change is possible, we make every effort to hold costs to a minimum and any changes which can be made, will occur only once the client has approved the order online. In the event a cost occurs with the change order, it can only be processed with full payment.

Change orders take precedence over any specifications of the original order.

After the first 24 hours, making changes can become difficult or impossible, without significant financial costs.

Another type of change order would be a “constructive change”. This is when an oral or written act or omission of the purchaser causes us to have to perform work beyond original agreements or change orders.

What could these be? Requesting deliveries on either a certain day, or specifying or limiting the equipment which may be used for delivery. Refusal of a scheduled delivery. Not understanding what was ordered (yes, it does happen from time to time). Failure to have verified code and load conditions. Rejecting work (like building plans) or materials which meet the requirements of the agreements or are an “or equal” substitution.

The easiest way to avoid the possibility of any unplanned charges on your new pole building is to make any changes prior to placing an order. Knowing what features best solve your needs, in advance, saves money, time and possible anguish for all parties involved.