Oklahoma Pole Buildings and Barn Kits

Pole barns in Oklahoma have a long history of serving multiple purposes on farms throughout the area. While many of the modern pole buildings we ship to the state are still put into use as barns or agricultural buildings, these structures are used for much more today. You’ll find them on residential properties as garages or even barn homes with a few details added. Businesses also rely on sturdy and affordable pole barns to help them expand their work and storage areas without breaking their budgets. No matter what kind of building you need, Hansen Pole Buildings can create a design that works for you.

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What Kind of Pole Barn Oklahoma Structure Should You Choose?

If you grew up with a simple post and beam pole barn in your parent’s yard, you might be surprised at how stylish today’s structures look. Our designs range from traditional open designs to enclosed buildings that can serve as barns, workshops, or even homes. Pick the right type of pole building for your needs from our varied selection.


Even if you weren’t raised in a barn, you might want to live in one after you see how our pole buildings look with a few finishing details. Some insulation and extra windows can transform one of these buildings into an affordable and comfortable home that stands the test of time. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box when adding a home to your Oklahoma property, especially if you’re in a rural area.

Workshops for Commercial Users and Hobbyists

Potters, furniture makers, and blacksmiths all need spaces that can withstand the challenges of their hobbies. If you’ve moved to making your craft into a business, you’ll definitely need a building that can grow with you. Pole barn kits in Oklahoma are widely used by businesses that need to expand without the high cost and delays of traditional construction. You can easily add in ventilation systems, safety features, and other essential equipment without a lot of extra modifications to the building.

Garages with Space for Working on Your Vehicles

Whether you’re just a car enthusiast or a professional mechanic, our pole barns make for great garages. Bay door options help you arrange for access on both sides or just one, along with smaller doors for easy access. We’re happy to help you design a garage that matches the look of your home or business so it seamlessly fits into the existing landscape. The generous size of our pole buildings means there’s extra space for storing accessories or working on your vehicles when they need maintenance.

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Pricing for Pole Barn Kits in Oklahoma

Our pole barn kits are competitively priced to keep your project within budget. Available in various sizes, from small to large, our kits are a more affordable alternative to traditional building methods. Whether you’re building from scratch or modifying an existing property, our kits provide a cost-effective solution.

Pole barn prices in Oklahoma can vary significantly depending on size and features. A small backyard shed might be around 576 square feet (24′ x 24′), while a large warehouse could measure up to 7,200 square feet (60′ x 120′). The base pricing for Oklahoma pole barns is generally as follows:

Small: $6,000 – $16,000

Medium: $14,000 – $30,000

Large: $25,000 – $70,000

These prices are just the base ranges. The final cost will also include additional features like doors, windows, and internal walls, depending on your specific design preferences. Note that framing nails and concrete are not included in the base price, but the price does include sealed plans by an engineer registered in Oklahoma.

Find the Best Local Pole Barn Builders in Oklahoma

Are you planning to build a pole barn on your property in Oklahoma? Here are your options:

Build It Yourself

Our pole building kits are designed to be DIY-friendly. They come with step-by-step instructions, making it easy for even those without extensive construction experience. Our team is also available to offer support if you need any assistance.

Local Construction Companies

If DIY isn’t your preference, you can opt to hire a local construction company in Oklahoma. There are many skilled builders throughout the state who can take on your project.

Local Pole Barn Contractors

For more personalized control over the building process, hiring a contractor might be the best choice. We can recommend reliable Oklahoma contractors who can manage your project from start to finish. Just contact us to get more information about sourcing a local contractor.

Buying Oklahoma Pole Barns

Before purchasing a pole barn kit in Oklahoma, always check with your local planning department for any necessary permits, especially for structures larger than 200 square feet. These requirements vary and might include the need for additional utilities such as water or electricity.

After clearing these requirements, contact us at Hansen Pole Buildings to discuss your needs. We offer price estimates within 24 to 48 hours and can facilitate the procurement of materials and delivery of construction plans by an engineer. Call us at 866-200-9657 to get started!

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