One Inch of Insulation and R-50?

Efficient use of energy has arrived at the forefront of building design. More and more jurisdictions are adopting and utilizing the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC –

The IECC requirements are put in place to promote the conservation of energy, which (when done right) can result in a significant net savings in monthly heating and cooling expenses.

There is now an insulation available in a one-inch-thickness with an R-50 value!

R-50 Systems, LLC, launched a new-to-market, 1″ thick vacuum-sealed, patented and certified R-50 value insulation. This high-performance product not only delivers government mandated R-values in the slimmest profile ever, but it is a green, sustainable, ultra-thin insulation solution with measurable advantages over alternative products.

Insulation Panel

Conventional insulation requires thicknesses of up to 15″ to reach an R-Value of 50. R-50 Systems’ Rich-E-Board™ provides this same R value at 1″. The ultra-thin, lightweight design decreases costs of building modifications and structural retrofits, while creating more usable space for living and/or operations. Because Rich-E-Board is cut-to-spec, it can be used in any and all building and wall applications with little wasted material.

Rich-E-Board’s total cost of ownership and installation is far less than that of traditional insulation. Although the upfront rates per square foot of alternative products are lower, R-50 Systems has cut the total costs of 100,000 sq. ft. projects by more than 20%.

Rich-E-Board™ is 99% recyclable, reusable, and reclaimable, reducing the amount of landfill waste by over 8 times. GSA simulations have shown that this product can reduce electric and gas bills by 8% and 10%, respectively.

“Our vision was to solve the dilemma of high R-value mandates and the limitations posed by space constraints, which we have more than achieved,” says Joanne Collins, President and CEO of R-50 Systems, LLC. “Rich-E-Board is without a doubt a better way of envisioning, planning, and constructing a building.”

My take on this……I am highly skeptical.

4 thoughts on “One Inch of Insulation and R-50?

  1. I want to know more about this product and especially the in place costs. How can I get more detailed information about this product?


    Eugene Hadfield

  2. R-50 website says it’s only available for commercial roof applications. Will Hansen Buildings be looking to offer this in it’s kits? Should we wait another year or two to build so we can use this? Will this help get a barndominium to passive or netzero standards?

    1. Personally I would like to see the product have an ICC ESR# before I would buy into it actually providing its claimed R value. I would look to other proven alternatives.


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