Random Overhead Door Musings

In the case of most pole buildings – doors are an important feature. As long as they open and close as expected, most people really don’t give much, if any thought to them. Overhead doors offer many things which other door choices do not. Here are some things which are all too often not considered in planning new pole buildings.

How is the door made? Steel doors are the most popular choice for price, low maintenance and style selection. My 23 year old garage has wood overhead doors. They were beautiful when brand new and clear coat stained. The clear coat stain only lasts so long, then had to be redone, and redone and eventually given up on and solid body stained. Plus – they are heavy. Power goes out and it takes a body builder to lift one of them open.

Pole Barn Overhead DoorMost people do not give much thought to the style of their doors, they take whatever they are given! Nothing looks much more out of place than a commercial ribbed door on a residential garage, or a residential raised panel door on a commercial building. For non-commercial applications, raised panels are available in either long or short panel styles – as well as just a plain textured finish. Want to dress them up? Carriage House style doors could very well be the option.

In the event the area with, adjacent to or above an overhead door will ever be heated or cooled – an insulated door is a must. Adding insulation to an existing door installation is a disaster waiting to happen, so plan it right the first time. Pinch free doors, are darn near a must, as it is all fun and games until someone loses part of a finger.

Openers. I am amazed at how many people install overhead doors, without openers. Why not do it right in the beginning? Everything gets delivered at one time, to do the job the right way. Don’t forget extra remotes and exterior keypads – keep the ease of entry easy!

Among the five overhead doors on my two buildings at home – none of them have windows. If I ever have to replace one, glass is being added. Besides the extra light into what otherwise is a daytime “black hole”, it does add to the street appeal.

There are a lot of brand new overhead doors which are primed only. Pretty tough to tell until a few years down the line when rust starts to bleed through. Demand factory finish painted doors, they are available in a variety of colors (like antique-Model T’s, they used to be available in any color one wanted as long as it was white) to complement roofing and siding colors. Create an outstanding, or blended-in door, depending upon your preferences.

Decorative handles and hinges can evoke the styling of carriage house doors, without the price. With steel or vinyl siding, having fully wrapped overhead door jambs with pre-painted steel trim pulls together the whole project for a finished look and eliminates the need to paint wooden jambs.

There is one chance to do it right the first time, give consideration to all of the features of overhead doors to help make this your ideal dream pole building!

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