Zip Up Ceiling

Zip Up CeilingZip-UP Ceiling® is the first ceiling product of its kind which has addressed what consumers want out of a ceiling system; aesthetics partnered with functionality. This is a grid free ceiling made from PVC which saves headroom, has unprecedented access to plumbing and wiring, as well as boasting an impervious to water and moisture warranty. Additionally, Zip UP Ceiling will not mold or mildew.

Contractors and DIYers can now install Zip UP Ceiling System as an expedient way to finish an open ceiling in pole buildings. The system, which is an economical alternative to a drywall ceiling and installs much more quickly, pairs pleasing aesthetics with smart functionality.

The system is made from durable flexible interlocking PVC components and is engineered to fit together with just a few tools. Zip UP Ceiling delivers a clean, grid-free flat, non-corrugated washable mold- and mildew-resistant surface. The panels, which won’t kink like aluminum might during installation, unzip for easy removal for access to electrical, plumbing and other work, and for cleaning.

If one can operate a miter saw, standard power screwdriver, a utility knife and heavy shears, there are no other tools or skillsets required. The Zip UP Ceiling was designed so everyone can enjoy the satisfaction of transforming interior space into clean, dry living space. No more worries with suspended ceilings.

Suitable for all installations, Zip UP Ceiling meets Class A Fire Rating. The system, which takes up only two inches of headroom, features just three primary components: wall trim, main rail, and panels. The main rails and panels are available in white and beige in smooth and serrated finishes. The finished ceiling is paintable with latex paint.

The possible downside, the Zip UP Ceiling does not appear to be able to support ceiling insulation batts or blown in insulation, so other means would have to be provided for to support either. In any case, this certainly appears to be a huge improvement over the older suspended ceiling systems. zip-up ceiling

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