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Next thing you know….

One of our Building Designers, Bob, and I were sharing stories about our client’s favorite objections. You know, why they are procrastinating moving forward with their new building projects.

Keep in mind, our clients usually contact us because they have a problem. Something like, “My wife/husband wants to be able to use the garage/basement/family room and needs my stuff out of there!” Another favorite is, “I’ve been paying to store my stuff or board my horse and am tired of having to drive there and/or make someone else’s building payments”.

Or, you are heading towards your goals – a home business, expanding your existing business, or you just need more space.

Now Bob and I had shared several stories we had heard in the past, but he came up with what may be the all time winner…..

Here is Bob’s favorite. This is from a client who is certainly a part of rural Americana at its best. The gentleman told Bob:

“I will put down posts and then lay a 6×6 horizontally on top of cut off posts 2 feet off the ground and place a lesser building on top because I have trees nearby with aggressive roots.  I’ve seen what these roots have done to my brick wall and I don’t want the same thing going on with my building.” 

Certainly a building design solution we are not familiar with and we hope it works well for him.  It better be somewhere with little or no wind.

Building materials are at historic lows, in relationship to inflation. There is has never been a better time to invest in a new pole building.

What is YOUR reason for not having your problems solved, or reaching for your goals?

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