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Propel Electric Door Openers

I’ve written in the past about our oldest daughter, Bailey. Bailey is a professional horse trainer (Tennessee Walkers) and is well respected within her industry at the now ripe old age of 27. She is a smart lady – she wanted overhead doors with electric openers on the sliding doors of her barn aisleways..


Because, she wants to be able to hit the remote……

To open and close the doors…..

From the back of her horse.

I do not blame her. Bailey mounts and dismounts from a untold number of horses every day. Those ups and downs can wear out anyone over time. So I don’t blame her for saving her body one bit.

In reality, if Bailey had electric openers for her sliding doors, she would probably be even happier! Sliding doors allow the user to have the door opened only partially. This provides for aisleway ventilation to be controlled, especially in conjunction with another sliding door at the opposite end of the aisle.

Now, I’ve previously waxed poetic about electronic openers for sliding doors, both are good reads in my humble opinion:



Don’t just take my word, listen to what the Propel  Sliding Door Automation spokesman has to say:



Considering a sliding door for your new post frame building? If the door is of any sort of significant size, or having an opener for it would be a total convenience, be sure to get a quote with your new post frame building kit package (openers not sold separately).