Your Building Site

Do I need to have the building site level?

Ideally, yes. You should have the building pad as level as possible. Your building is designed to be level with the highest part of the ground. If the site is not level, there will be a gap under the building where the ground slopes. The ground needs to be within eight inches of level in order to use our standard pole lengths. A builder’s level should be used to determine if the ground is level. Actual grading may require hiring an excavator.

What happens if construction of my building begins and it is determined the building pad is more than eight inches out of level?

This may require some additional material (longer poles) in order to begin construction. In certain areas properly pressure-treated timbers may be difficult to find. You will pay the cost for any additional
materials and deliveries. Some people want to place metal “skirting” at the bottom of the wall to cover the gap caused by the slope of the ground. We do not recommend this as it causes the building to appear out of level.