Pole Building Walls

How do I order a building with no walls?

As mentioned under roofs, Hansen Pole Buildings will normally not quote buildings unless both endwalls are at least partially enclosed to the ground.

Can I order a building with Galvalume finish on the walls and trim?

Yes, but why? It does not present significant cost savings from painted steel. The “savings” are generally far less than 10 cents per square foot of wall area covered. (Aluminum-Zinc alloy coated sheet steel – better known as Galvalume).

Can my pole building wall steel be a different color than the roof?

Absolutely! The roofing, siding and trim can all be different colors. We have had some people use a few sidewall panels of a different color as “accent panels”. We also have had more than one color trim used on a building.

I want a siding other than steel.

Not a problem. T1-11, cedar lap or channel sidings, “log”-looking siding, vinyl, brick and a multitude of other choices are available. Keep in mind, steel will be the most economical and will be maintenance-free.