Overhead Doors

Find helpful hints and tips on selecting the proper roll up door for your agricultural, commercial or residential pole building. Allow one of our highly trained building designers help solve your design problems. Check out our blog article on Garage Door Maintenance.

How wide can an overhead door be?

The minimum width of a standard overhead door is 8′. Narrower doors can be made special, but are more expensive than the 8′ width. Residential doors are available in most heights, to 18′ wide. In some cases (usually 7′ or 8′ heights), 20′ width residential doors are available. Commercial doors are available, as a standard, up to 24′ in width. Doors 26′ and 28′ wide can be provided, but it requires a manufacturer’s special quotation.

How tall can an overhead door be?

Anything of highway legal height will fit through a 14′ tall overhead door. Residential doors are available in most standard widths to 14′ tall. Commercial doors are available (although rarely needed) in taller heights. To safely fit on a wall of most buildings, the door should be no more than 2′ lower than the building
eave height.

Which overhead door is the best?

This is an important question to ask. Doors are the only moving part on a building. Usually they are the first things anyone entering your building will be in contact with. For this reason, we feel it is very important to use only the finest doors available for the dollars invested.

Aren’t sliding doors less expensive than overhead doors?

In our opinion, sliding doors should only be used in purely agricultural animal confinement buildings. Unlike
sliding doors, overhead doors afford a relatively tight seal, are secure against theft and can be fitted with electronic openers. In smaller sizes, sliding and overhead doors are almost the same price. Even in larger sizes the few hundred dollars of initial investment should nearly always afford savings over time, if nothing else, in mental anguish.

Can I get overhead doors in colors other than white?

Yes. In residential style doors, depending upon the manufacturer, they are also available in Brown, Almond, and Taupe. Colors other than White often require longer lead times and may not be available in all sizes or models.

Do the doors come standard with openers?

No. We do recommend the adding of a chain hoist opener on any door over 144 square feet if an electric opener will not be installed.

Do you provide the weather seal going around the doorjambs?

On all insulated and non-insulated doors, it is included as standard.