Ordering a Pole Building

What if I would rather delay shipment?

Once you have made full payment, we can generally delay your shipment for up to three months, however we cannot guarantee a specific date or time. Due to vendor pricing policies, there are times when product delivery of some components can not be delayed, without added expense to you. You will be advised, prior to any potential charge. At time of order, you will be asked to specify a “week for construction to begin”. Our goal is to deliver your lumber and truss package the week prior to construction start, the roofing, siding and doors the week of construction.

Does your company offer financing?

Yes! Click on the FINANCING link on our website or https://www.hansenpolebuildings.com/financing.htm, in most cases you will receive an approval within minutes.

How do I pay for my building?

    • We accept payments by major credit cards VISA or MasterCard ONLY.
    • If time is of essence,
      we suggest using “check by phone”, which is as easy as mailing the traditional paper check, except you save the postage. It also gets the process of your building started much faster! For buildings which will be shipped outside of the United States, a Certified check or wire transfer is required at the time of order. Payment must be in guaranteed U.S. funds.
    • Checks may also be mailed to:
      Hansen Pole Buildings, LLC
      12167 Lake Rd
      Browns Valley, MN 56219
    • We do accept (but not require – other than as indicated above), certified or cashier’s checks. We do not trade nor barter our buildings, nor do we give extra discounts for “greenbacks”.

How do I know you won’t take my money and not deliver?
We have a proven track record of providing product as promised. We do encourage anyone who is making
any major purchase to check out the people they are buying from. Almost any provider can supply you with a long list of satisfied customers. Think about it, who would actually provide you the name of a customer who was not satisfied?

There is a somewhat painless way to check out any business. Ask for the name and telephone number of their bank and major suppliers . . . and then call them! Any legitimate business, which pays its bills, will gladly supply you with this information. Suppliers will be able to address not only financial stability, but also how professional they are. They will also tell you if they hear complaints back from customers . . . just like you. The 10-15 minutes you spend making these calls could easily save you countless hours of grief, not to mention huge expense.

Hansen Pole Buildings is also D&B listed. This is your assurance from Dun & Bradstreet of our financial viability.

Why don’t you make exceptions to your payment terms?

We are not a bank. We get the best available prices from our suppliers and are able to pass them along to you because we negotiate discounts for prompt, and in many cases, advance payment. Sadly, too many people who request unusual payment terms have no intention of paying their bills. We are able to keep our prices low because you don’t have to pay for customers who didn’t pay their bills.

Do you charge sales tax?

Hansen Pole Buildings, LLC only has an obligation to collect sales, excise and/or use taxes for products we deliver in South Dakota, the location of our home offices. We do voluntarily collect sales taxes in the state Washington. We do not collect sales taxes in other states. Buyers in states other than SD and WA are responsible for paying any state and local taxes they may incur as a result of their transaction with us.

Certain states (at the time of this writing CA, CT, DC, FL, KS, LA, MS, MD, MA, NE, NV, RI, TN and WY) require drop shippers who are registered in those particular states to collect sales tax from us (and you) on transactions. This may apply and if so, when applicable, those amounts will be charged to your account.
You will receive a paid receipt for any such taxes paid so you can deduct them from any payments made by you to your local taxing authorities.

How can you get away without collecting sales taxes?

We are not getting away with anything. The United States Congress and the Supreme Court both agree Internet retailers would bear an unfair burden if they had to keep up with the myriad of different tax rates imposed by the literally thousands of jurisdictions across the country. The paperwork alone would prove staggering. Until Congress changes the laws, Internet retailers only have to collect sales tax in states where they have a physical business presence. Hansen Pole Buildings, LLC collects sales tax in South Dakota, the state of incorporation, as well as in the state of Washington.

Does this mean I don’t have to pay sales tax on your buildings?

Whether or not we are required to collect sales taxes for your state, the transaction itself is subject to the tax laws where the transaction occurs. A sales tax is defined as a tax imposed upon buyers (you), not sellers (us). Just because we don’t collect taxes from you does not change the legal or moral obligation to pay any taxes owed. As an example: If you order a book from an Internet reseller (such as Amazon.com) it probably will not collect sales tax from you. If you are a resident of a sales-taxing state, your state has the expectation you will be sending them a check for the appropriate amount of tax resulting from the transaction.

We never encourage or advise any buyer to not pay any legal taxes owed. When buying any product over the Internet, check the tax requirements in your state, county and/or city. (Some states exempt certain types of buildings from sales tax requirements.

What if I want to change my order?

We all want to avoid this from happening. We use an automated system to process and fill your orders far faster and more efficiently than our competitors. Once your order has been placed it is being processed and it is very difficult to make changes. You are encouraged to take as much time as needed to design your building exactly as you want it before you place your order.

Once your order is placed, if you want to make any changes, we will have to charge you for it. We are not trying to gouge anyone or make big money from this. Even the seemingly smallest of changes is very expensive and time-consuming. Therefore, a minimum charge of $295 will be assessed for any changes occurring three (3) working days after your order has been placed with Hansen Pole Buildings.

What if I decide to cancel my order at some point in time?

We will refund the amount paid minus the costs involved already spent on your project at the time you cancel (in any case, no amounts will be refunded beyond 70% of the net contract price plus any applicable
taxes). This is why we give detailed instructions ahead of time so you are fully prepared to continue with your project once it has begun. The entire process of getting your building plans drafted, materials ordered and ready to be shipped, trusses built, etc., begins in full swing as soon as payment is made. Our “lead time” is very short. In order for us to ship most buildings in less than a month from order placement, we do the majority of our “work” immediately following your order placement. Any cancellation requests must be sent via USPS certified mail, return receipt requested to: Hansen Pole Buildings, LLC; 12167 Lake Road; Browns Valley, MN 56219.