Cost to Construct a Pole Barn

Does Hansen Pole Buildings erect the building?

No. Hansen Pole Buildings is a supplier of pole building material kit packages only.

Do I need to hire a contractor to build my pole building?

Pole barn constructionNo. Our buildings are designed for the do-it-yourself person. Most of our customers do their own construction. We believe our drawings and industry-leading construction manual are clear enough to make the task relatively simple even for the first-time builder. Keep in mind, this is a material kit, not a completely pre-fabricated structure. Assembly, including measuring and cutting, will be required. You will be required to have (or borrow or rent) various hand tools. If you are not comfortable with putting up your own building,

a contractor should be available at a reasonable price. If you do decide to construct the building yourself, we do have technical assistance available 24 hours a day via email to:

We have found the average person who can read and understand English can, and will, build a better building for him/herself than most contractors!

Are there any builders you recommend?

Hansen Pole Buildings is clearly not a contractor in any sense of the word. We do not construct or build buildings (or portions of buildings) anywhere for anyone. Should you need a builder, we DO have a list of builders for nearly anywhere in the country. Please call our office to receive a builder referral.

This is not an endorsement on Hansen Pole Building’s part of the particular builder’s skills or lack thereof. As none of them work directly for us, we can’t guarantee the quality of their work. We DO have a “one strike and you’re out” rule. Simply, if we receive even one verifiable and legitimate negative complaint about any particular builder, we will no longer give out their name to our clients. While this is not a fail-safe method, it does afford some degree of protection. It is always a good idea to speak with other customers the builder has done work for in the past, to get an idea of the builder’s professionalism.

If you do feel the need to turn over the construction of your building to a professional (rather than build it yourself), we recommend asking in your local area for someone who does quality work.

How much does it cost to build a pole barn?

This varies greatly, depending upon location. It depends upon availability of manpower, prevailing wage scale, and – to a large extent – the costs of providing insurance coverage for the workmen. Building dimensions and features can dramatically alter the cost to construct. Smaller and/or taller buildings with many features will be significantly more per foot than larger and/or shorter buildings with fewer features. Other factors can be travel costs, fuel, lodging or need for equipment rentals. Generally, all except the most complex or very small pole buildings can be built for approximately $2.50 to $4.00 per square foot. While it is not a guarantee you will be able to contract someone to build at this price, it does provide a representative example of costs.

How long does it take to construct a pole barn?

This is a factor of building size, complexity and the skill of those working on it. We give a general estimate of person hours with every written quotation. This is based upon totally unskilled workers.