How long does it take to get structural drawings?

Once we have received the payment for your building, you have provided for us your door locations, and no further changes are made by you, your structural drawings will be sent to you direct from our drafting department or our engineer’s office. In most cases, these plans are normally sent by Priority Mail within two weeks. However, if your building is more complex, (i.e. residential structures, larger buildings, or if you make any changes after your order is placed), the plans may take longer.

I need my plans right now. Is there a way to get them any faster?

No. Currently we do not offer any type of expedite plans service due to the precise nature of drafting work and the time it takes to draft a fully customized building.

What kind of drawings do I get?

These are CAD drawings on a 24” x 36” format. There will be a minimum of five pages. They include, plan (or roof) view, endwall framing and cross section through the building. Detail diagrams are also included for important connections including slab to columns; skirt board to columns; wall girts to columns; trusses to both interior and endwall columns; purlins to trusses and diagrams for both bottom chord bracing and any special truss bracing requirements. Our plans are going to be one of the most detailed in our industry.

What if I need more than two sets of drawings?

Additional sets may be purchased at time of order for $79.00 per set.

Can I get plans for a building permit without ordering a building?

No, we do not offer a plans only service.