Doors and Windows

How many windows do I need?

There is no such thing as need. It varies greatly from building to building and depends upon the usage of the structure. It seems the average small garage or shop has at least two windows but you can have more if you like.

Are the windows insulated?

Usually. We offer primarily dual glazed vinyl windows. Our standard windows are horizontal or vertical (single hung) sliding windows with screens. We special order our windows so the trim is an integral part of the window itself. We can also order fixed (picture), three lite sliders (both outside sections slide toward the fixed center) or casement (crank open) windows.

Do your walk doors come pre-framed?

Yes. They come attached to the jambs and include a keyed lockset.

Can I get a sliding door?

For both security and air infiltration purposes, we normally do not recommend sliding doors except in pure agricultural situations. With this said, yes, we can provide them.

Is a walk door considered a framed opening?

No, walk doors are field located.

How wide can a sliding door be?

A sliding door (or a pair of bi-parting doors as a unit) can have a width of no more than 1/2 of the length of the wall they are to be placed on. Example – 30’ wall, 15’ of door width.

How many sliding doors can be on a wall?

As many as you like, as long as the total width of the doors, is no greater than 1/2 of the length of the wall.

How tall can a sliding door be?

First….keep in mind, anything of highway legal height will fit through a 14’ tall door.

Second….consider the area of the sliding door opening AND the area the sliding door will slide over as it opens.

Third….in any case, the sliding door can be no taller than 1’ less than the eave height (if no overhangs), or (with overhangs) 1’ below the overhangs.

How do you know where the walk doors or windows go?

Walk doors and windows are field located. This means you pick the locations, cut the panels of wall steel and mount the window or door. If you purchase large quantities of walk doors and/or windows, we will need to know the proposed locations so we can evaluate whether they will harm the integrity of the building
shell in supporting wind and seismic loads. As most buildings have a limited number of walk doors and windows it is normally not a major concern.

What do the walk doors and windows attach to?

Walk doors should be installed adjacent to a main building column. We do furnish an extra post for the opposite side of the door. Our special order windows are self-flashing and we provide the extra framing needed to fit the window into the building.

Can I install wooden or wood jamb doors in the building?

This sounds like a problem waiting for a place to happen. Pole buildings are designed to be maintenance-
free. Wood doors or door jambs require constant painting and re-painting in order to maintain their integrity, prevent weather damage and swelling. This is just not a good way to save money.