Designing Your Custom Building

How long does it take to get a building quote?

In most cases, we will give you a price within 24 to 48 hours from an email request.

What does the base building price include?

If you are referring to the prices in our ads: all the components necessary to construct a fully enclosed building (less framing nails and concrete) with 29 gauge steel.

Since window and overhead door requirements vary greatly, they are not included in the initial price quote but can easily be added with the appropriate price adjustments. Price quotes also include delivery to most areas.

All prices include the cost of third party engineer sealed plans by an engineer registered in your state.

Our price quotes do not include (nor do we provide) materials for any interior non-structural walls, unless otherwise noted specifically on your quotation.

What is wainscoting? How much more does it cost?

With a wainscot, the lower approximately three feet of your building’s walls will be in a different color than the upper portion. These different colored sections will be divided from the top section by a narrow trim strip. In the event one of the wainscot panels becomes damaged, it can be easily removed and replaced. The wainscot also dramatically changes the appearance of your building. All of this can be done for usually less than $2 per lineal foot of wall!

How long do you guarantee my price quote?

Because our profit margins are very small and material costs can at times be quite volatile, we cannot hold prices for any length of time. The price is the price only for the day it is quoted. Should you decide to delay your purchase until a later date, it likely will change.