Building Material Deliveries

After I order my building when material deliveries arrive?

Delivery of your building kit can vary greatly dependant on the size, complexity, time of year and need for engineer stamped plans. Although we can not guarantee a delivery date from time of order we will our best to schedule delivery to best meet your needs.

Can I request special building material delivery times?

If you want special delivery arrangements, please contact Hansen Pole Buildings-Productions Department at immediately, otherwise your materials will be shipped per your original building material delivery date at the vendor’s convenience. We request all vendors contact you 24 hours prior to deliveries, but we have no control over our request. If a vendor does not call to give you any notice of delivery you have the right to refuse that delivery and reschedule. Make sure you are checking your email and listed contact phone number for any messages to setup deliveries.

How much room will be needed for adequate access?

At least 10 feet in width and up to 14 feet of height are required to deliver standard buildings. Large roof trusses can require widths of 14 feet or more and the ability to get truck and trailer combinations of up to 100 feet in length near the building.

Delivery trucks for steel roofing and siding are semi tractors pulling 48′ long trailers. Keep in mind the closer delivery trucks can get to your building site, the less time you will spend moving materials. If your site does not have adequate access, it is up to you to find a suitable alternative delivery location. Delivery trucks are expensive pieces of equipment, often worth well over $100,000. Drivers will not risk themselves, their loads, or their equipment in an attempt to make delivery to an unsafe location. In the event you tell a driver to access your property over a particular route or area and the truck becomes stuck, requiring towing, or damage, all towing or repair costs will be on you. Use common sense. If you don’t think access is sufficient, or a roadway is adequate, then it probably isn’t.

Does everything arrive at one time?

Not usually. Most of our vendors ship directly to your site. Deliveries can happen over a span of a week or more and we have little or no control over the exact date of arrival. All vendors are encouraged to call you 24 hours before they deliver. Some vendors will require you to be present, on site, at time of delivery. They will advise you of this, when they call prior to delivery. We suggest you mark the location you would like materials to be placed. A red spray painted message “DROP HERE” on the ground or a white paper plate on a stake with the same words, usually is a big help. Our goal is to deliver your lumber and truss package the week prior to construction start, the roofing, siding and doors the week of construction.

Can a 90′ long flat bed semi make it to your jobsite?

The steel roofing and siding supplier both require directions. If your site is located on a road that is difficult to access for large flatbed semis or no place for them to turn around an alternative site may be required for some deliveries. Steel deliveries are typically the largest vehicles that need site access. If you are on a rough dirt or gravel road with a steep grade or narrow roads please let us know. Email your project coordinator with any details so that we can properly arrange delivery ahead of time and see if the site looks accessible.

Do you unload the materials for me?

In most cases, yes. With larger truss spans (usually over 40′ in width), you may be required to provide lifting equipment to help off load the trusses. In no case does unloading include setting of trusses onto your building columns by crane or any other equipment. Due to geographic locations (primarily AZ, CA, NV and UT), you may have to unload some or all of your materials. Not all steel trucks are equipped with offloading equipment. If this happens to be the case, you will need to provide appropriate equipment to offload the steel roofing and siding. The specifics of how to offload materials are covered extensively in our Construction Manual. Whether the truck has the ability to self offload or you are offloading, you have a maximum of one hour for the truck to remain at your jobsite. After an hour you will be billed at a rate of no less than $120 per hour for standby time.

Does the price of your kit include setting the trusses to the columns when they are delivered?

No. Hansen Pole Buildings is a reseller of building materials. We are not contractors and do not include any construction costs or labor for construction of your kit.

What is the most important thing about taking material deliveries of my building?


You have 48 hours and 48 hours only to report “hidden damage”, missing or damaged goods arriving in sealed containers. Sadly, job sites suffer a high incidence of theft, especially when they are left unattended.

Also, the probability of “incidental damage” increases over time. Hansen Pole Buildings, LLC, along with our suppliers, are not responsible for damage or shortages reported days, weeks, or months after the 48 hour guaranteed replacement time.

Any materials reported as being damaged or unusable within the first two days after delivery can be exchanged at the supplier’s location for a replacement with absolutely no charge to you. Any verifiable shortages reported within the first two days after delivery will be delivered to you as quickly as possible, again at no charge.

IMMEDIATELY note any obvious shortage or damage on the bill of lading.

Always sign for materials as, NOT INSPECTED FOR QUANTITY OR DAMAGE. How important is this? Very. . . .so we will repeat it again . . . always sign for materials as, NOT INSPECTED FOR QUANTITY OR DAMAGE.

The majority of problems we deal with are from failure to inventory. Again, we can’t stress often enough, inventory your materials.

How do I inventory the steel roofing and siding when it comes in big bundles?

The steel roofing and siding for your building will be in one or more large bundles (or skids). Whenever possible, the bundle should remain crated until it is located in its place of storage. Then, in the presence of the driver, break the bands – at a minimum – and lift up the cover sheet to inspect for any damage. If no damage is present, re-bundle. We also recommend you have the steel truck driver go through the steel trims with you to identify the pieces. When you sign the driver’s paperwork, please sign “not inspected for quantity or damage”. (If you notice any obvious damage in the presence of the driver, please note such on the paperwork.) In this manner, the driver is not held up and you can do a complete and precise inventory after his departure. You have 48 hours to report any hidden damage or shorted items to Hansen Pole Buildings Production Department by emailing any damage or shortages to Any photos of damage or improper materials are helpful and will speed up the process.

Will there be more than one building on the truck?

Rarely will you receive your entire building at one time, but the answer is, yes. In the case of the steel roofing and siding, there could easily be 30 or 40 buildings worth of steel on the truck.

What if the delivery truck arrives and the weather is bad?

Unfortunately, bad weather happens. Although this may prove to be an inconvenience, delivery trucks need to keep their schedules in order for you to get your materials in a timely fashion.

What kind of equipment will I need?

Usually none, but in the event it is required, generally a forklift or a boom truck with a spreader bar is sufficient.

What if I am not quite ready to put the building up when it arrives?

It can be stored. However, you have things to do first! Most importantly, inventory all the building materials when they arrive, promptly reporting any damaged or missing components. Store all lumber off the ground and laying flat. It is always a good idea to cover the lumber with a tarp. The trusses should be stood upright. Our construction manual gives detailed, specific instructions as to the best storage methods for many of the products in your building.

While our goal is to have materials delivered to you within a very narrow time frame, production and delivery schedules of our suppliers will dictate actual building material deliveries. If you would prefer to delay delivery of some or all of the materials, please feel free to email and let your assigned project coordinator know. In most cases deliveries will not be able to arrive on a specific date, but will deliver on a suppliers delivery schedule.

This is especially important in the case of your steel roofing and siding and overhead door(s). If you do not need them immediately it is always safest to avoid potential damage by scheduling accordingly. Again, delivery is based on each individual vendor’s production and delivery schedule. In some cases, your request for a delay in delivery of some or all components may result in additional charges to you. After your order has been placed, should any vendor increase pricing and dictate a specific time frame for delivery, you MUST either accept delivery within the time frame, or absorb the additional cost.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, dates and/or times of priorly-scheduled deliveries may change with little or no notice. Hansen Pole Buildings is not liable for any costs incurred due to said changes.