Indoor Basketball Court Building Kits

For over a decade, Hansen Buildings has designed residential, agricultural, and commercial pole barns for folks across the country—recreational pole barns included. If you want to custom build an indoor basketball court for your home or community center, look no further than Hansen Pole Buildings. Our durable pole building kits are made to fit your specific plans and budget, making it easy to design your very own indoor basketball court.

Indoor Community Basketball Courts

Community organizers invest in pole barn basketball courts to provide a space where everyone in the neighborhood can work out, shoot some hoops, and have fun. If your recreation center lacks a basketball court, consider designing your facility through Hansen Buildings.

Indoor Home Basketball Courts

For some, playing basketball is a way of life. If you play on the regular, consider building an indoor basketball court in the comfort of your own home. You can shoot hoops every morning and perfect your craft without leaving your property.

Advantages of Indoor Basketball Courts

In addition to being more affordable than other building types, indoor pole barn basketball courts are highly durable and versatile. Hansen Buildings prides itself on its customized designs, allowing each builder to create his or her own floor layouts to accommodate trainings, games, and tournaments. Clear span framing also supports courts that are free of interior columns so players can run around freely, and the strong steel materials are both durable and easy to clean.

How to Build an Indoor Basketball Court

While indoor basketball court construction can be completed on your own, many will seek the help of a local contractor to do most of the heavy lifting. When searching for reliable contractors, make sure your candidates are licensed and insured in your state, have previous pole barn building experience, and are registered with the Better Business Bureau. You can also turn to us for help find a contractor—we currently have builders waiting to serve you in Illinois, New York, Ohio, Washington.

How Much Does It Cost to Build an Indoor Basketball Court

The cost of an indoor pole barn basketball court largely depends on its dimensions. Indoor courts are commonly 94 feet by 50 feet, with some variation depending on your specific needs and preferences.

A pole building of this size costs around $75,000, but can vary in price when you account for differences in square footage, regional material costs, and local design requirements. Click here to find more information on pole barn kit pricing and to request a quote.

Contact Hansen Pole Buildings Today

We guarantee the lowest pole barn prices without ever sacrificing the quality of your design. If you have a lower quote for the same building type, we’ll even match the price. In addition to providing step-by-step instructions and stamped engineered plans, we offer unlimited customization so you can change your design until you’ve nailed it. Start building the indoor basketball court of your dreams today by contacting Hansen Pole Buildings.