Colorado Springs, CO Pole Buildings and Barn Kits

Pole barn kits are a cost-effective way to add storage space or useful outbuildings to your Colorado Springs property. Our proprietary kits at Hansen Buildings are made from the highest quality materials and can be used for residential, agricultural, or commercial purposes. You can choose from one of our existing plans or develop a customized pole barn that matches your exact expectations. Whether you need an airplane hangar or a backyard shed — or something in between those in size — we can help you make it a reality with our high-quality kits.

Our pole barns are sturdy enough to withstand the Rocky Mountain winters while serving as rugged livestock outbuildings, and attractive enough to be used for residential or commercial purposes. You might even consider a custom kit to serve as a barndominium Colorado Springs. This is a two-story structure that looks similar to a barn in shape. The top floor serves as living space, while the larger bottom floor can be used as a garage, storage space, or studio. You can often build a barndominium for a fraction of the cost of a traditional new-construction home.

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Residential Pole Barn Homes Colorado Springs

The kits for our pole barn homes are specific enough that you can assemble them on your own without any construction experience. If you need help, we can put you in contact with barndominium builders in Colorado Springs. Every kit comes with sealed engineer plans, which will ensure that your permitting process goes smoothly. Our kits also include most of the materials needed to complete your home or residential structure.

If you already have an existing home, you may want to add a garage or carport to increase the value and utility of your property. We also have kits for RV storage structures. If you need a backyard workshop, storage shed, or hobby building, we’ve got you covered at Hansen!

Agricultural Pole Barn Kits Colorado Springs

Pole barn kits are an easy and affordable way to add outbuildings to an agricultural property. These durable structures will provide lasting value to your farm or ranch, with very little up-front time and minimal investment. Some of the pole barn kits near Colorado Springs CO that we can provide include:

  • Hay barns
  • Livestock barns
  • Equipment and vehicle storage
  • Shop buildings
  • Roof-only pole barns
  • Horse arenas

Colorado Springs has a short growing season some years due to the elevation, so if you want to grow plants or vegetables, you may want to consider one of our greenhouse pole barn kits. Whether you need it for personal or commercial gardening, our greenhouse kits will help you extend your growing season by several months. If you plan to grow marijuana commercially, Hansen can provide you with a kit for a weed grow house. The weather doesn’t always cooperate in Colorado Springs, so a commercial pole barn kit can keep your operation running smoothly during those times.

Pole Buildings & Barndominium Builders Colorado Springs

The set of engineering plans that comes with your Colorado Springs barndominium or pole barn kit is so detailed that even a layperson can assemble them. The blueprints show the location and attachment of every piece of the structure. We also send you a fully illustrated installation manual and provide unlimited tech support from builders who have professionally assembled our kits.

If you don’t have the time or ability to assemble your pole barn kit for any reason, you may want to hire a professional contractor to do the job. We can help you in your search for licensed and qualified barndominium builders in Colorado Springs. 

Call Rachel at 605-432-8971 to help you find a Pueblo, CO contractor. By working with a referred pole building kit builder you are agreeing to contractor terms and conditions.

Pricing for Pole Barn Kits in Pueblo, Colorado

Pole barn prices in Colorado Springs, Colorado, can vary significantly depending on size and features. A small backyard shed might be around 576 square feet (24′ x 24′), while a large warehouse could measure up to 7,200 square feet (60′ x 120′). The base pricing for Colorado Springs pole barns is generally as follows:

Small: $6,000 – $16,000

Medium: $14,000 – $30,000

Large: $25,000 – $70,000

These prices are just the base ranges. The final cost will also include additional features like doors, windows, and internal walls, depending on your specific design preferences. Note that framing nails and concrete are not included in the base price, but the price does include sealed plans by an engineer registered in Colorado.

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Make the most of your property in Colorado Springs with a high-quality, custom pole barn kit from Hansen Pole Buildings. Our easily assembled structures are a fast and affordable way to increase storage space and add value to your acreage. We can provide you with a free quote on Colorado Springs pole barns here on our website, or you can call us at (866) 200-9657 to get the process started. Trust Hansen Pole Buildings for all your residential, commercial and agricultural pole barn kit needs.

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