NEW Hansen Pole Building Splash Planks and Bottom Sills

NEW Hansen Pole Building Splash Planks and Bottom Sills

Call it what you want – Splash Plank, Bottom Girt, Grade Girt or Skirt Board, this decay resistant (or at least we sure hope so) resistant member is in contact with or located near soil’s surface. Portions of it remain visible from building exterior upon completion (unless a design or installation error results in siding being run to ground).

As it is in contact with ground, minimum level of pressure preservative treatment is UC-4A. Go visit your local big box store or lumber dealer and take a gander at treatment tags on their 2×6, 2×8 or 2×10 lumber. Typically you are going to find only UC-3 ratings, not adequate to be used other than without contact to ground. We have seen cases where splash planks have deteriorated, usually due to inadequate levels of treatment for intended use.

Your friendly local dealer’s material is usually graded as #2. Nothing wrong with it, just has more allowable defects than higher graded material.

Hansen Pole Buildings is raising splash planks to a new level (figuratively, not literally).

We now inventory (and will be shipping) all #1 graded material for splash planks and bottom sills.

And here comes our ever infamous….


All Hansen Pole Buildings splash planks and bottom sills are now pressure preservative treated to UC-4B levels – same requirements as for structural in-ground use, just like our glu-laminated columns.

PLUS we took these maybe to an extreme!

We had all of these KDAT (kiln dried after treating) for lighter weight in jobsite handling AND they are FDN rated (same rating as Permanent Wood Foundations).

Even with higher quality lumber and pressure treating, by having purchased lumber mill direct in semi load quantities, our (and your) costs are still lower! In some markets less than 1/3rd of what we had been paying for inferior products!

Call 1.866.200.9657 TODAY to participate in “The Ultimate Post-Frame Building Experience”.

And, don’t forget to watch for our next article!

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