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A roof only building or what most folks call a hay barn is what most folks envision for equipment hay storage. But a roof only building can be so much more! Sun, rain, snow, they all take their toll on tractors and other expensive machinery. Protect your investments by constructing a free standing roof only covered storage area. And how about your wood pile? It will last longer and burn much easier when its allowed to stay dry under a roof. Your hay barn can be attached to an existing building, or free standing. Either way, it's a wise choice for implement protection, use as a hay barn or keeping the wood pile dry.

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Hay storage is a breeze with a free standing roof only lean to shed. Easy to construct, with easy access to your hay, your covered storage will help to prevent against hay loss due to rotting and spoilage. Don't be fooled by tarps and flimsy covers prone to flying away on the first windy day. Uplift on an open sided agricultural building is one of the greatest forces of nature. Like a kite, open storage buildings tend to get pulled out of the ground and end up in your neighbor's yard! A pole building will "stay put" with poles firmly concreted into the ground. Hansen Buildings are always built to meet your local building codes, including wind, snow and seismic loads. Need more peace of mind? Have your roof only building plans sealed by one of our licensed engineers - all 50 states now available!

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Want to protect just one side of your hay barn? No problem you can choose any of the 4 sides to be open or enclosed, with a siding of your choice. Steel siding is resilient against nature, and require little to no upkeep. Endwall trusses and overhangs are designed fully trimmed in steel no painting or wood to rot and require replacement! Ask for reflective insulation to prevent condensation issues included in your roof only building purchase. Both 29 and 26 gauge steel are available with 17 colors at no extra charge!

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