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Horse Arena Kits

Having a equestrian building to ride and enjoy your horses year round has become not only popular, but also very affordable. With some careful planning and patience, over time you can go from a simple riding arena to a fancy equestrian building, one step at a time. Horse arena kits can start out as nothing more than an open pole building with a covered roof. In most cases it will be less expensive to sheet at least one endwall of your riding arena with steel or any other siding, to combat wind uplift. Positioning your equestrian building so the enclosed end is towards the wind is ideal, but may not be an option. You can, however, cover the sidewalls from the ground partway up, leaving an open area above both for ventilation and being able to look outside while cruising around the riding arena atop your favorite horse.

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Equestrian Buildings

Horse arena kits require a certain width in order to turn with your horses, and not feel like you are on a merry-go-round. We suggest 60 as an absolute minimum, but far more common is at least 70' and even 80' in width. The length can be anything your property and budget can support, but again, a length of less than 80 or 100 will really put a cramp in your riding. If your budget is tight to begin with, select the overall width you really would like to have, and then you can add-on to your riding arena length as time and money permit.

Equestrian Building

Horse Arena Kits

Because equestrian buildings often have eave heights of at least 14, shed rows or other lean-to type buildings to house horses, hay or equipment can easily be added. Full functioning apartments are an option alongside an horse arena kit, where hired hands who feed, groom and work the horses can call home. If your equestrian building is used commercially for training horses, an attached office space for record keeping comes in handy.

Sliding doors, once standard on all equestrian buildings, now come in a variety of styles and colors. Single or split sliders are heavy duty with steel support beams and can be steel or wood covered. They will take the abuse horses can give, while looking great for many years in 29 or 26 gauge steel in over 17 colors. Dutch doors are the old Mr. Ed type doors, where the top opens and closes separately from the bottom half. These also have optional colored crossbuck panels as well as options for window kits. Overheads have become popular on horse arena kits, as doors on these facilities are often large. They can be outfitted with garage door openers for quick and effortless opening. Large sliders can be heavy, and pushing them through snow can be a challenge. While not as durable as sliding doors, overheads have more options for setting off an equestrian building with style and grace. Window kits, the now popular carriage doors and various panel styles allow distinctive showcase looks to your horse arena.

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