Pole Building Warranty

ATTENTION: Now YOU Can Discover What They Don’t Want You To Know!”

“Secrets of Pole Barn Warranties Revealed”

Would you seriously want to purchase a new “big-ticket” product without a warranty? Just think about it for a moment…would you order a new car or truck without a warranty? Of course not. You wouldn’t even consider buying a new household appliance or computer without a warranty.

Yet most people who spend tens of thousands of dollars on a pole barn or pole building kit…don’t get any warranty on their building structure at all!

At Hansen Pole Buildings, we just don’t morally understand how our “competitors” (more aptly those who provide somewhat similar buildings) can sleep at night.

Every non-commercial third-party engineer sealed Premier Hansen Pole Building kit is covered by the best (maybe even the only) written Limited Lifetime Warranty in our industry. This warranty is offered FREE of charge to you, the original purchaser, for buildings on non-commercial property. Our pole building warranty covers the major structural components of your new building – the Structural Building Columns, Pre-fabricated roof trusses and main wind force-resisting system members.

Now hold everything – how can we do something no one else does? Easy, we use painstaking attention to details in the design and specification of every piece of your new building. Sophisticated, proprietary computer engineering design software is used to analyze not just the major building components (like trusses), but every last part down to the smallest screw. Our independent third-party registered professional engineers check and verify literally reams of calculations, to assure complete compliance with all applicable structural building codes. Only when they are 100% confident of your building’s ability to withstand the forces of nature, do they put their seal and signature on the plans.

Your building’s specifications often include things you just can’t find in the average lumber yard or “big box” store. Only pressure preservative treated structural wood columns which can be used in contact with the ground in severe environments, in climates with a high potential for deterioration, or in critically important components are good enough for your new Occupancy II (or higher) rated IV building. Among the minimum treatment levels acceptable for these occupancies are ACQ or CCA to a .60, CA-B to .31 and MCA to .24 pcf retention rates. Only lumber dried to a moisture content of 19% or less is good enough for your trusses. University studies have shown the average 8′ long 2×4 will shrink in length an inch, as it naturally cures from green to dry!

Can you imagine what shrinkage like this does to a truss which is 24′ or 36′ or even 60′ in length? The thought is truly frightening!

We put a lot of research into the warranties being “offered” by others.

One company offers on their website “the highest leading warranty in the industry”, however they have no specifics of what this warranty might be. Yet another has a “Barn Kit FAQs”, where the question is asked “What has been done to ensure that my barn has been designed to last more than 100 years?” The response being, “When Hxxxxx started designing barns, he looked at hundreds of old houses to see why some lasted and some failed. Long lasting designs, features and methods were then incorporated into xxxxx Hxxxxx’s barn packages.” Doesn’t tell you much, does it?

We had a customer who thought the same way as we did, and asked more questions of this other pole building company. He was told, “When we say our buildings will last 100 years, we mean it.” When he asked them to provide a copy of the guarantee, the response was, “Yes, right after you show it to us from our website!!! My guarantee is as long as I live, but is tongue-in-cheek. We don’t remember offering a 100 year guarantee, only the statement that they are designed to last 100 years.” This instilled so much confidence in the customer, he questioned them further and got this response, “I am such an optimist, I throw away all my warranties and guarantees,” and “You just have to believe.”

A well know “big box” chain which provides numerous kits, not only had no warranty, but responded when questioned if they had a warranty, “We sell material lists, not buildings.” This attitude alone certainly seemed to be less than helpful.

At best, somewhat similar buildings to Your new Hansen Pole Building offer only a few manufacturer’s warranties.

If quality which lasts a lifetime is as important to you, as it is to us, then you are at the right place.

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