Dry-Set Column Anchors

I’ve always been a fan of the traditional pole building foundation process. Face it – it is fairly low tech. Most folks have the ability to dig or auger a hole in the ground, stand a pressure preservative treated column in the hole and pour ready-mix concrete under and around the base of the column to resist the applied forces.

However not everyone has this luxury – in some cases, an adequate concrete slab or foundation wall is pre-existing.

Along comes the post-frame solution, brackets such as the Perma Column drill set Sturdi-Wall (https://www.permacolumn.com/drill-set-models) or AJ Manufacturing’s Niagara Column Bracket™ allow for the utilization of existing concrete. By being retrofit products, they take away the possibility of error caused by concrete crews improperly setting bolts or brackets.

Properly installed Sturdi-Wall brackets do not have the ability to resist bending moments about the base, as they are a pinned connection. To share my moments read https://www.hansenpolebuildings.com/blog/2012/09/bending-moment/

Concrete Bracket - Drill-SetIn order for the dry-set column anchors to function as designed, the pole building they are to be utilized in should use means other than the bracket itself to resist rotation. This is where the beauty of proper diaphragm design comes into play. Whether from adequately tested and fastened steel roofing and siding panels, or the utilization of structural sheathing such as OBS or plywood, the structural diaphragms can pass wind loads from the laterally loaded surface into the ground, or another diaphragm which eventually passes the applied load into the ground.

Sturdi-Wall brackets should NOT be used in a pole building which does not have adequate diaphragms, such as a roof only structure, unless the loads can be adequately transferred by a system of permanent cable X-bracing or similar.

Already have existing concrete? Then dry-set column anchors may be just the solution.

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