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On Fridays, Hansen Buildings holds an internal informational teleconference for our Building Designers. These sessions provide our designers with the best possible tools to assist clients in designing ideal dream buildings.

Last Friday’s discussion was centered around comparisons between our pole buildings, and those offered by others. As is usual, in this type of discussion, the topic of “price” gets thrown onto the table.

Pole Barn Shopping

Pay careful attention when shopping pole barns

Honestly, it’s impossible to sell any product, based strictly upon being the lowest price. There is always someone who is willing to compromise quality or service (or both) to get to a lower price. And when price becomes the definer, then products become seen as a commodity  – which causes true product benefit to be thrown out the door.

In comparing our buildings, against those offered by others, we can eventually take enough features off our buildings (sacrificing quality) so we will be the least expensive. But why? Why subject clients to a less than satisfactory permanent solution. A poorly designed building is not like a car, it can’t be traded in for a new model.

My advice was – instead of “dumbing” our buildings down, have the competitors  add in features to bring them up to our standards. I assisted one of our clients in the not too distant past. He had gotten quotes from us, as well as from a fairly large lumber chain. Both buildings were of the same dimensions, number and size of doors, and the initial prices were approximately the same. There is where the similarities ended.

By the time our competitor had added all of the features provided in the pole building solution we had proposed, the building was over double the price and did not include a structural warranty or a manual of instructions on how to build!

Rather than price or cost, the most appropriate term for clients is value – to always offer the absolute best possible value, for the least possible investment.  Make sure you are comparing apples to apples when building shopping.   In other words, make sure you know what you are buying!

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23 thoughts on “Comparative Building Shopping

    1. Keith Avery

      Looking for residential home with attached pole barn / parking behind it. Home to be around 1200 ft2 and barn portion about 30 x 40 with 10′ walls

    1. Eric Graff

      Hi Linda
      Thanks for your comment – I have forwarded your request on to one of our building designers who will have some questions so that they can supply some pricing information. Thanks for your interest in Hansen Buildings.

    2. Joanna Hoskins

      I would like a pole barn home with an open floor plan!

      The plan would be around 1500 sq feet, but we can go smaller if we have to. We want a “mud room/utility room” as well as a 3 bedroom, 2-1 1/2 bathroom. We live in Payson IL and are looking forward to consulting with you!

      1. admin Post author

        We have assigned you to building designer Zach Braaten who will be following up with you shortly regarding your building needs. Thanks for you interest in Hansen Buildings!

  1. Joel H. McGahen

    I’m interested in a pole barn to use as a wood work shop and to store the tractor/lawn equipment approx 24×24+ I think would be good

    1. Eric Graff

      Hello Faith
      I will have our building designer, Rachel Piechowski message you with some basic questions that would need to be answered to provide an accurate building quote.
      Thanks for your interest in Hansen Buildings

  2. Andrea

    We were told to come on to your site and we could design our own, then our contractor would order a he told us he was the only dealer in the area for Hanson. Anyway, we have a barn and instead of tearing it down, we want to add on to it. The current barn is 36 x 36 but only has an 8 ft. door. We want to add on to accommodate a motor home. Thus wanting a 14’H door, 16′ to 20′ W and 40′ to 42′ L. The current barn it would be added on to has a gable roof that peaks at an estimated 18′ H sloping to approximately 6′ (guess). Are we missing somewhere on your sight if we can design such?
    Thank you.

    1. Eric Graff

      Hello Andrea
      Yes we can custom design an addition to an existing building. I have directed building designer Rachel Piechowski to get in contact with you to get the necessary details to provide you with an accurate quote.
      Hansen Buildings

  3. Logan

    I’m new to the whole pole barn world and would like to build a 30′ x 40′ x 10′ pole barn. I have no idea on any specifics that I would like. I just would like a quality barn built to withstand the elements. Any help on materials you would prefer, what costs are we looking at to have this installed I’m in Nevada, Ohio 44849. Thanks for your help! Any advice is appreciated!

    1. Eric Graff

      Hello Logan
      Thank you for your interest in Hansen Buildings. Building Designer Rachel Piechowski will be in touch with you to gather some basic information in order to provide you a simple quote. We look forward to being your building solution.

  4. Mark

    Can your pole barns be built onto an exsisting concrete slab? I have a slab already in place that I’d like to build upon. Thanks in advance.

    1. Eric Graff

      Yes they can – there are two methods to do so to utilize an existing slab.
      The first method, which is preferred, is to building the building 2′ wider and 2′ longer than the existing slab and sink the poles into the ground the same as our standard foundation and then to fill the void around the perimiter of the building interior with concrete when its completed.
      The other method is to use steel brackets to attach to the existing slab. The brackets are a more costly method of construction and don’t provide as good of a foundation design as sinking the poles directly into the ground which is why this is the second best option.

  5. Robert Swetz

    To whom it may concern,

    Are pole buildings practical in Alaska?
    Does you shipping cost more if I was to have a kit shipped to Alaska?
    I really like your prices and if pole buildings can be built in Alaska with no problems and the price in the same to ship I may be interested.

    Robert “Vegas Bob” Swetz

    1. admin Post author

      Vegas Bob ~

      Pole (post frame) buildings are practical anywhere, maybe even more so in Alaska where virtually all building materials are shipped in. For Alaska, we most typically deliver the building kit to the docks in Tacoma, to the container carrier of your choice. This allows you to pick the carrier whom is going to be most competitive in delivery to your site.

  6. mark marsh

    hi I was just wondering if you have any inside pics of this project I would like to know what kind of flooring was done to the second story very interested in building one like this in the near future as soon as I find some land I like to build on but a little bigger like 50’x100’x20′

    Project# 04-0509
    thanks mark

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Mark, Thanks for the question and interest in post frame construction options. Unfortunately we do not have any interior photos of that project. However, flooring options are unlimited. The ground floor is most likely concrete with possible radiant floor heat. The only limiting factor regarding what you can install on the loft floor is the load capacities.

      Please submit a quote requests as you are getting closer and we’ll happily work with you to design a custom solution.

      The PBG!

    1. admin Post author

      Hello Monica,
      Sounds like a fun project. I will send your email to one of our Building Designers to reach out and discuss your options.

  7. Cheri

    We are planning to building a 30 x 50 pole barn with 14′ doors to accommodate an RV sometime down the road. What features are most important? We want to build right so that it increases the value of our new home and when it comes time to sell it’s a design that future buyers would want as well.

    1. admin Post author

      The top things we are seeing for important features are designing for energy efficiency. If the building can be designed to be able to be effectively climate controlled at a later date, you will have a winner on your hands. One of the Hansen Pole Buildings’ Designers will be in contact with you to discuss further.


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